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Tyson Jost: 2016 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

Tyson Jost has emerged as the top forward talent out of the BCHL for the 2016 NHL Draft. This prospect profile highlights his skills and takes a look at some video for the soon to be first round selection.

The second profile we have planned for this year's series on 2016 NHL Draft prospects features another talented forward, Tyson Jost. The University of North Dakota commit just capped off an impressive BCHL career with Penticton to put himself in consideration to hear his name called early at the draft next month. Let's take a closer look at Jost and why he could make sense for the Devils if he's available at #11.

Who is Tyson Jost?

Tyson Jost was born on March 17, 1998 according to the BCHL website (Elite Prospects lists his birthday as 3/14), making him 18 years old as of this writing. Jost has spent his youth working his way up through the various junior ranks in British Columbia. Over the past 2 seasons he's been a key player for the Penticton Vees, even serving as the captain this past year. He's no stranger to international duty as he's been a part of Hockey Canada's U17, U18, and U19 teams. The BCHL website list him at 6'0, 190 lbs. while Elite Prospects has him at 5'11, 192 lbs. Here are his stats courtesy of Elite Prospects:

Jost is a talented playmaker and he does what you would expect - produce at every level he's played at. Whether it was putting up around 2.5 Points per Game at the lower junor levels or a 1.54 Points per Game in the well respected BCHL, he's proven that he knows how to get the job done. This past season he went off for 42 goals and 62 assists in 48 regular season games. He was 2nd on his team in scoring, behind Scott Conway, a player 3 years his elder that already has 34 games of NCAA experience under his belt. Jost actually led the team with 2.17 Points per Game, a 56.73 EV Pts%, and was nearly tied with Conway with a 0.80 Goals Created per Game.

Jost also has a strong international resume starting in 2014-15. That year he had 3 points in 5 games for the Canada White U17 team in the U17 World Championships. He also represented Canada West U19 at the World Junior A Challenge that year where he had 3 points in 4 games. This past season he captained Canada's U18 squad at the U18 World Juniors and was very productive with 15 points in 7 games which earned him All-Star and Best Forward honors. He also scored 3 goals in 4 games for Canada at the Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament as they went on to capture a Gold Medal early in the season. Finally, he captained Canada West U19 at the most recent World Junior A Challenge and put up 9 points in 4 games as they earned a Gold Medal. He also made the All-Star Team and won the MVP award for that tournament.

The Projection Project model currently projects Jost to have a 38% chance of becoming a regular NHL player. Jost is currently committed to the University of North Dakota for next season though Everett holds his WHL rights.

Where is Jost Ranked?

Below are the latest rankings that are publicly available from a handful of great sources: NHL Central Scouting, Hockey Prospect, ISS Hockey, Future Considerations, The Draft Analyst, and Bob McKenzie's consensus rankings.

NHL CSS Hockey Prospect ISS Future Considerations Draft Analyst
16 - NA 10 9 13 13 11

Jost appears to be in range for where the Devils would take him. What makes him ranked this high? Let's take a look at what others have to say about his game.

What Others Say About Tyson Jost

Here's what Future Considerations had to say on him in November:

A speedy and skilled fleet of foot forward who just produces points. An agile and slippery skater who has a low centre of gravity and strong balance which he uses to protect the puck. He is a dangerous playmaker who sees the ice and reads developing lanes quickly. Has a very quick shot that fools goaltenders with its surprisingly hard velocity. Tries to play defensive responsible but still has some lessons to learn in that regard.

We all know the Devils need an offensively creative forward to add to the prospect pool, whether it's at center or on the wing, and this report suggests that Jost has the tools to potentially check a lot of boxes. I'm encouraged to read that not only is he an agile skater but he's able to utilize it to protect the puck, a skill that is necessary to be a NHL player. I also like that he seems to be a two-way threat offensively, being able to recognize where the play should go and create goals whether it's with his shot or passing ability. The comment about his defense doesn't worry me since defense and systems can be learned.

Steve Kournianos at The Draft Analyst also had plenty of praise for Jost. Here is an excerpt of his scouting report on Jost:

Jost is a shark, appearing out of nowhere with speed and tenacity to ruin the breakout play a coach worked on for weeks. Once the puck is on his stick is where his artistry comes to the forefront, as he protects it with his head up while travelling at a high rate of speed before shifting down a gear, curling and weaving in and around the offensive zone for as long as he has to.

Jost has an excellent shot to compliment his extraordinary passing acumen, using soft hands and a quick release to turn a bad pass in his skates into a well-placed attempt at the net. Jost’s shot accuracy is top notch, and he will beat you from the inside of the ice or outside from his arsenal of moves. He is a three-zone center with decent size who will not necessarily avoid physical play, and he’s shown to control the puck while taking a beating.

I like reading that he's a "shark" and plays with "tenacity" when he's out there since it suggests that he is always giving it a full effort and playing to his strengths with his strong skating. The Devils prospect pool could certainly use a forward that is able to be an artist with the puck on his stick as he moves up the ice which is another reason why I find Jost intriguing. Once again we see Jost earn praise for his shot, vision, and ability to protect the puck.

Ben Kerr of Last Word on Sports also had plenty to say on Jost. He also praises Jost's playmaking and skating abilities though I'm going to highlight what he had to say about Jost on the back check and his future outlook:

Jost shows commitment to back check, and provides good back pressure when defending against the rush. He reads the play well, and has good positioning which allows Jost to create turnovers, which he quickly transitions into offense. He supports his defence with a willingness to get involved physically in the corners or in front of the net.

Tyson Jost is likely at least a year, and possibly two away from the NHL.  He is headed the NCAA route which will give him plenty of time to work on bulking up and getting ready for the rigours of the NHL.  He is a high-end talent though, with the potential to become a top line player in the NHL, though it might be more likely that he settles in as a high end second liner.

It's nice to read that a player of his skill level is committed to being defensively responsible and is able to create turnovers. His potential timeline to reach the NHL also fits in nicely for the Devils who are still in the midst of a rebuild that is already showing some encouraging signs.

A Little Video

YouTube user, SEER VIDEO, has this highlight package of Jost from the 2015-16 season. Jost is #17.

You can really see his agile skating and crafty puck handling on display in quite a few of the goals. He's also able to put himself into solid positions between the defense to either make himself available for a teammate to pass him the puck or vice versa. Jost also comes across fairly calm on the puck and seems to have a plan before the defense can react to him.

Once again YouTube user, bigwhite06 comes up big with some solid prospect video. Here is a compilation of Tyson Jost competing for Canada West at the 2015 World Junior A Challenge. Look for the captain, #10.

We see more of Jost's strong skating and shooting ability in this video. The video also features a bit more of his passing game and playmaking skills.

Finally, bigwhite06 has this Tyson Jost - U18 TSN Feature where you get a better idea of what type of personality he has.

An Opinion of Sorts

I would definitely include Jost in the group of prospects that I would be pleased with the Devils selecting at #11. Multiple scouting services praise him for his multitude of offensive tools and his tenacity defensively. His shot and playmaking skills are reflected in the videos above and in his impressive point totals. Jost also seems to have the skating ability necessary to take him to the next level along with a decent frame that should fill out even further over the next couple of years. He's also served as a captain in the BCHL and for some of Canada's junior teams which suggests he's the type of player you would want on your team. He'll be joining an excellent University of North Dakota program next season and I think it will only help in his overall development.

Some may be a bit turned off to selecting a player in the first round out of a Junior A league such as the BCHL and would understandably question the quality of competition he faced. While those are valid concerns, I feel like he did very well to dominate the league, especially at his age, and show that he's got the skill set necessary to potentially turn into a solid NHL player down the road. The NCAA will be a nice step up in competition for him and I look forward to seeing him compete against older, larger players as he prepares for a career in professional hockey.

Your Take

Tyson Jost seems like a solid choice if he's available for New Jersey in the first round this year. He's experienced at center and on the wing, has a lot of offensive tools and has been a captain on the domestic and international level. Would you want the Devils to consider him for their first round selection? What do you think of his game and how it projects? Leave your comments below and thank you for reading!