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Devils in the Details - 4/4/16: Eliminated Edition

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New Jersey Devils & Related Hockey Links for 4/4/16

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your links for today:

Devils Links


Cory Schneider returned as the Devils dropped a 3-1 decision to the Lightning Saturday. [Fire and Ice] []

The Devils' playoff drought has reached four years. It's been awhile, man. [Fire and Ice]

Hockey Links

John Scott is back in the NHL. [PHT]

So have we seen the last of Steven Stamkos in a Lightning uniform? He'll miss 1-3 months after a blood clot was discovered in his arm. [PHT]

Duncan Keith will be rested up for the Blackhawks' playoff campaign. He's been suspended six games for a nasty high-sticking penalty. [Eye on Hockey]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.