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Ray Shero's First Deadline with the Devils: A 2016 NHL Trade Deadline Open Post

The New Jersey Devils may be close to a playoff spot in terms of points, but the play suggests otherwise. Does Ray Shero sell? Will he do anything? This is an open discussion post for users to talk about the 2016 NHL Trade Deadline.

In lieu of a more recent picture, here's Ray Shero from the 2015 NHL Draft again!
In lieu of a more recent picture, here's Ray Shero from the 2015 NHL Draft again!
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Ladies and gentleman, today is the final day that franchises in the National Hockey League can make trades in the 2015-16 season.  All trades need to be registered with the league office by 3:00 PM EST.  After today, the 23-man active roster limit will be removed, the salary cap and the 50 contract limit remains in place, and that is that in terms of deals. Today is the last chance for many teams to make significant moves either towards the playoffs or towards rebuilding for the future.    Today is the NHL Trade Deadline.

Just over a week ago, trades have been been occurring.  According to TSN's Trade Tracker, there's been at least one made since February 21.  Some are minor, such as Edmonton sending the rights to Philip Larsen to Vancouver for a fifth rounder in 2017.  Others command more attention.  Just look at Chicago.  They acquired Andrew Ladd on February 25. Then they acquired Dale Weise and Tomas Fleischmann andpicked up Christian Ehrhoff from Los Angeles for the low cost of Rob Scuderi on February 26.  Needless to say, I think Chicago is "going for it."  As is Florida.  With plenty of action having took place over the weekend, there will be more happening today as the deadline will force some general managers to make some tough decisions.

One of them is certainly New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero.  He can look at the standings and figure that the Devils may still have a mathematical shot at the postseason.  He can look at some tape from recent games and realize that they may not come close to providing that shot.  He can look at his roster and realize that since so many of his forwards are pending free agents, other teams may just want to wait until July to get them - if they want them at all.  And that he just can't sell everyone as he may want to identify who's worth keeping around as the team rebuilds. After all, you can't rebuild if you just keep moving good players.  From my perspective, it's equally possible he pulls the trigger on some significant moves, that he just makes a minor move or two, or that he doesn't do anything at all.  They're not good enough to make a run, but they're not bad enough to just pile up picks and hope for a relatively high chance in the lottery.  It's not an easy spot for Shero to be in.  So we'll see what he does or does not do today.

For those purposes, this is an open post for you to discuss what goes on today in terms of trades. You are free to talk about what trades have happened with any of the thirty teams in the NHL.  You are free to talk about what the New Jersey Devils should do, should not do, and what they have done so far.  You are free to react to deals that happen.  Please do not post false rumors, "hot tips from sources" that nobody knows, and cite Twitter accounts that aren't legit or real insiders (hint, spelling insider wrong is a clue that they aren't).  Having done this for quite some time, I can tell you that the readers and I don't have the time for riling people up over falsehoods.  Stick to real people with real Verified marks on Twitter accounts and follow real sources of news from known beat reporters (e.g. Tom Gulitti of Fire & Ice) to big companies (e.g. as mentioned, TSN) to credible hubs (e.g. SB Nation's 2016 NHL Trade Rumor Hub).  It's better to be right than first. All other rules apply (no trolling, no swearing, etc.) to this post as well.

As today is the NHL Trade Deadline day, this post will be the main post until this evening.  Then, I will summarize all of the action - or lack there of - by the Devils for the day.  I may touch on other teams as needed.  During the day, should there be any deals done by Ray Shero, Chris and/or Steve will have you covered with a post summarizing the news and you can freely comment on it there too.  If you're looking for the February Month in Review, that went up yesterday.  While it was written before the actual end of the month, the Devils' month of games was done on the night of February 26, though a case can be made they were really done after February 23.  We'll return to more normal posting tomorrow with the team's first post-deadline game.   Enjoy the 2016 NHL Trade Deadline! Thank you for reading.