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Devils Players in the Leaderboards

The Devils are frequently just muttering about in obscurity. This perusal of the leaderboards examines what Devils should be names that are relevant on a league-wide scale.

Elsa/Getty Images

Note: unless otherwise stated, stats come from war on ice.

Basic Stats


Kyle Palmieri: 23 Goals (T-14th in NHL, also top 50 in goals per 60 minutes)

Adam Henrique: 19 goals (T-39th in NHL)

Analysis: KP21 has a great future ahead of him. He has every look of a reliable 30-goal scorer which is something this team desperately needs. Adam Henrique continues to establish himself as a legitimate 1st liner in this league and a figurehead for the franchise on social media and on the ice.

Assists, Points:


Analysis: ... so Hynes, we're supposed to be fast, attacking, and what now?

Points per 60 minutes:

Michael Cammalleri: 1.82 assists per 60 minutes (17th in NHL among those with >20 GP)

and: 2.88 per 60 minutes (11th in NHL among those with >20 GP)

Joseph Blandisi: 1.57 assists per 60 minutes (41st in NHL among those with >20 GP)

Analysis: Cammalleri is an elite NHL forward. I wrote about him here, then John wrote about him here, and its no wonder the team has struggled offensively in his absence. He is an absolute difference-maker and he would leave a hole in any team. Blandisi is another story. He and Reid Boucher are giving us a surprising reason to be excited about the future. With them exceeding expectations, the Pavel Zacha leading the Sarnia Sting in points with 51 in 40 games, Devils fans finally have a future of forwards to be excited for.

Shot Percentage

Bobby Farnham: 20% (5th in NHL ... >20GP)

Adam Henrique: 17.27% (18th in NHL ... >20GP)

Joseph Blandisi: 16.13% (34th in NHL ... >20GP)

Analysis: Just more evidence that the Farnham Express is pulling out of the station. "Wild Thing" is a fun guy to have on the team, but even elite goal scorers don't put up percentages that high. Adam Henrique actually does have a career shot percentage of 15% which is not that far off from his current one. Blandisi will probably regress a bit, although I'm not prepared to say how much.

Plus/Minus (From

Michael Cammalleri: +15 (T-28th in NHL)

Adam Larsson: +14 (T-36th in the NHL)

Adam Henrique: +13 (T-47th in the NHL)

Analysis: Plus/Minus doesn't mean much of anything. Just ask this guy. Or this one. Or this particularly salty one


PDO (The "Luck" Statistic -- on-ice Sv% + on-ice Tm Sh% at 5v5)

Jordin Tootoo: 93.47 (2nd lowest in NHL)

Analysis: PDO generally regresses towards 100 as the year progresses. All this means is that the ridiculous -23 rating he has accumulated is at least partially due to serious bad puck luck.

CF%Rel (Zone-Start-adjusted Corsi% relative to team ... from Hockey Analysis)

Jacob Josefson: +6.8% (12th in NHL)

Analysis: JaJo has been one of our best possession players a while now. This just verifies that he is among the best possession drivers on the team if not the best possession driver. He has been dragging 3rd and 4th lines by the heels through games for a substantial amount of time.

ZSO% (Ratio of Offensive to Defensive Zone Starts at 5v5)

Adam Larsson: 32.77% (19th lowest in NHL with >20 GP ... 1st lowest defender)

Andy Greene: 33.19% (22nd lowest in the NHL with >20 GP ... 2nd lowest defender)'

Analysis: See Below

SH TOI (Short-handed Time-on-Ice)

Andy Greene: 3.45 minutes/game (4th in NHL)

Adam Larsson: 3.37 minutes/game (6th in NHL)

Analysis: See Below

DPS (Defensive Point Shares from Hockey Reference)

Adam Larsson: 5.2 (2nd in NHL)

Andy Greene: 4.5 (6th in NHL)

Adam Henrique: 2.3 (2nd in NHL among Forwards)

Travis Zajac: 2.0 (T-10th in NHL among Forwards)

Michael Cammalleri: 1.9 (T-15th in NHL among Forwards)

Lee Stempniak: 1.9 (T-19th in NHL among Forwards)

Kyle Palmieri: 1.8 (T-20th in NHL amon Forwards

Analysis: Adam Larsson is already an elite NHL defender and this pairing is the best defensive pairing in the NHL. No that's not hyperbole. If you discount offensive contribution (which is admittedly not fair) then this pairing is the most dependable in the league. I mentioned back on December 4th how much we relied on them in Zone-Starts and Shorthanded opportunities. As evidenced by these categories, not only has that remained true, but they've continued to thrive in it.

Furthermore, Lou may be gone, but the Devils tradition of two-way forwards continues with a league-leading 5 forwards appearing in the top 20 in defensive point shares. Adam Henrique and guaranteed-every-year-Selke-snub Travis Zajac lead the way. But our entire top 5 unsurprisingly places in the category.


Penalties drawn

Kyle Palmieri: 31 penalties drawn (3rd in NHL)

Analysis: To Devils fans who have been watching, this isn't at all surprising. Palmieri is electric with the puck and he is constantly putting opposing players in positions where they need to overcompensate to make up for the ground lost to our fastest player.

Turnover Differential (Takeaways - Giveaways)

Travis Zajac: +34 (2nd in NHL)

Analysis: He'll never win the Selke, because the Selke doesn't go to the best defensive forward anymore. It goes to the best defensive forward that is on a good team that scores over 40 points, has a good plus/minus, and a good FO%. The last time a non-40-point-scorer won was former-Devil John Madden. Travis is as defensively-reliable as forwards get. Which is frustrating since he's also reliably mediocre offensively.

Shots Blocked

Adam Larsson: 119 (28th in NHL)

Analysis: Seriously. Top-shelf Defender. Of the 27 guys ahead of him in blocked shots, only 10 have more points. And I think we can all agree he's yet to reach his offensive potential.

Yup. Soooo thats it. That's all of them. No other Devils are league-relevant.

Oh yeah. I forgot one.

Cory Schneider

1st in Games Played (51)

6th in Wins (26)

4th in Saves (1337)

6th in Save Percantage (.927)

1st in Goals Against Average (2.06)

4th in Shutouts (4)

3rd in Point Shares, 2nd in Goalie Point Shares (10.6)

Concluding Thoughts

In contrast to the DeBoer days, the Devils do not have a lot of good possession players outside of Josefson, Cammy, and maybe Zajac. Henrique is one of the worst powerplay forwards in the game right now. He is in the bottom 10 in scoring chances per 60 with the man-advantage. John Moore is not far behind.

Blandisi is either already one of our best players, or he's due for a backslide. By watching him, I still get the sense that he's got the jitters and he's always trying to make the next big play, sometimes at the expense of doing the little things right. But the offensive production is really nice.

Cory Schneider is a demigod.

What do you guys think? Are any of these rankings surprising? Who do you think did't get touched on enough in this examination? What do you think of Blandisi? Leave all of your thoughts below.