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Question Post: Has The Slump Changed Your Viewing Frequency?

This is a curiosity thing for me. The slump has plunged the Devils from feel-good story of the year to absolute embarrassment. What’s that done to you as a fan?

Philadelphia Flyers v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Devils slump gets more and more epic by the day.

To remind you of where we started, you can see using the Wayback Machine, we were once 8-3-3 which put us in 4th in the Metropolitan, 3 points ahead of the Columbus Blue Jackets. My how times change.

After seeming to snap out of the slump with a very nice shutout win against the Second Rate Rivals, the Devils got creamed by the Penguins ... twice.

Despite being extremely passionate about the Devils I am a busy guy and don’t get to watch all 82 games. And I’m ashamed to admit that in times like this, the frequency of such neglect tends to increase.

I can try to justify leaving a game by saying “I’m showing them my distaste for their lack of effort on the ice.’ I can do no such thing as a fan at home. I always check the stats after every game, I always watch the highlights, and of course, I always read the recaps here at AAtJ. But, there’s still obviously a lot that you miss not watching the games in its entirety and in real time.

And so which person describes you:

Person 1: I’m no fairweather fan. Gotta take the bad with the good. I watch every game that I would have watched had the Devils been good. I want to know what’s going on with my team whether or not they are competitive.

Person 2: I don’t owe the Devils my unquestioned time and attention — especially not this team which has only 4 players that have played a postseason game in red and black and a coaching staff and GM who have still yet to prove their worth. I will always root for the Devils, but if they want more of my time and/or money, they have to earn it.

Feel free to vote in the tweet above, but also please comment below this article. I’m interested in hearing your opinions on this one, because the answer could be more than the Boolean response I’ve given you above. For instance, I identify with Person 1 more, but my actions more closely mirror those of Person 2 right now.

Okay boys, have at it. I’m eager for your input!