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Please Don't Get Hurt, Cory Schneider Pt. 1: 2016 NHL Skills Competition Open Post

Cory Schneider is the only representative of the New Jersey Devils for the 2016 NHL All Star Game weekend. This post provides the information for the skills competition and what Schneider will be doing.

All. Star.
All. Star.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Today begins the NHL All Star Game weekend!  Are you excited? No? Well, here's the basics of what you need to know for today's event: the NHL skills competition.

Cory Schneider is the lone representative of the New Jersey Devils.  This is his first appearance in the NHL All Star Game.  Should he be there? Absolutely.  Among all goaltenders who have appeared in at least twenty games this season, Schneider has the seventh best overall save percentage in the entire NHL with 92.9%.  Schneider rates even higher in even strength save percentage.  His 94.3% is the third best in the league; he trails Connor Hellebucyk and James Reimer - two goalies who haven't played nearly as many games as Schneider (43).  While I have to agree with CJ that the Vezina isn't likely, he's definitely a part of that conversation.  His importance to the Devils, though, cannot be emphasized enough - trophy consideration or no trophy consideration.  And so, let's follow Schneider this weekend.

What will Schneider be doing today?  He'll be part of the NHL Skills Competition.

The Time: 7:00 PM EST

The Broadcast: TV - NBC SN, Sportsnet, TVA

The Team Schneider is On: The Metropolitan Division.

The Teammates of Schneider for This Weekend: Per Nicklas Backstrom (Washington), Claude Giroux (Philadelphia), Alex Ovechkin Evgeny Kuznetsov (Washington), Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh), Brandon Saad (Columbus), John Tavares (Islanders), Justin Faulk (Carolina), Kris Letang (Pittsburgh), Ryan McDonagh (Rangers), and Braden Holtby (Washington)

The Events Schneider Will Be In: Also per, Schneider will be tending the net for the Breakaway Challenge and the Shootout Challenge.

The Difference Between the Two is...Slim: The breakaway challenge is where a shooter will get two chances to score in a one-on-one situation. Creativity is encouraged as the winner will be decided by Twitter.

The shootout challenge is where players on each team follows the shootout format with the exception of A) there being a ten second time limit to take the shot and B) certain players on the team will be designated players such that if they score, they earn two points instead of one.

It appears to me that the key differences are that only one shooter is involved for the breakaways and everyone on each team gets to shoot in the shootout.  Oh, and Twitter gets to decide the breakaway one.  I hope you like hearing the word "hashtag" for the first one. Otherwise, it's all the same to Schneider. Stop pucks, I suppose.

The Goal: There are three objectives for Schneider tonight: Don't get hurt, have some fun, and don't get hurt.

Anything Else?: Schneider will be wearing leg pads with guitars on them. Neat?

Your Job: Use the comments to talk about the NHL skills competition tonight.  All site rules apply as usual.  This will close on Sunday for the All Star Game open post.