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Before the Change, What Are Your Favorite Posts at In Lou We Trust?

Way back in 2012, I asked the community for their favorite posts to make up a Best Of list of posts. Now that the site will change it's name to All About the Jersey, I ask the community again to add more of their favorite Devils posts to that list.

Allow me to be somewhat off-topic for a change. This isn't so much about the New Jersey Devils as it is about this site. As you may or may not be aware, we (as in SBN) are changing the name to All About the Jersey, thanks to your vote as a community. We (again, as in SBN) hope to have it changed within this month.  I can't give you any specific details as far as when exactly that will happen other than that.  Between the big change for this site as well as the fact that this will be the ninth season of Devils hockey I've blogged about, now is a good time as any to take a step back and consider what posts over the past nine years stood out.  I want to know what are your favorite posts from the In Lou We Trust Era of this Devils blog.

If this seems like a familiar question, then you're right.  Way back in 2012, I made a similar call.  With those suggestions, I created a separate page listing those suggestions, who made them, and why they suggested it.  If you don't remember it at all, then you're right to do so.  I made that call during the Incredibly Stupid Lockout of 2012, and so not so many people were reading this or other hockey blogs.  While it's still the offseason, preseason is coming, and given all of the other news, issues, and analyses we've done here, it's safe to say that there's more people paying attention these days than back in November 2012.

My intent is to take this page on the site, The Best of In Lou We Trust So Far (currently stored under Library on the heading across from the logo), and update it with all of your suggestions.  I believe if a post was your favorite, something you appreciated and shared and enjoyed, then it deserves to be mentioned as one of the best to have ever been posted.  Any post on In Lou We Trust will be eligible.  Here are the Archives starting from this year, surely something among all of the years here at SB Nation  All I ask of you is to give me the Title, a link to it (this will make it easier on me, though if the title is good, I may be able to find it), and a short reason as to why it was your favorite.  I will get it onto the page for posterity's sake.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments.  If you don't want to publicly state it in a comment, an email to me would work as well.  Thank you for continuing to read this site as we transition to a new name and a new season rises. We will continue to do our best to make posts about the Devils that you appreciate.  (P.S. The penultimate Killing Time post will be up on Monday.)