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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode #190

With the 2015-16 season coming closer, Talking Red has returned. David Sarch and John Fischer discussed the latest cuts, who's left on the New Jersey Devils rosters, what's next in preseason, a new goal song, and more.

After a part of the summer off, the New Jersey Devils podcast you need to look up because it has your hook up for Devils discussion is back: Talking Red. David Sarch and myself got together earlier today to talk about all things Devils. Hours before we recorded, the Devils sent fifteen players back to Albany and one back to juniors, so we talked about that.  We discussed who's left on the team who's on a proverbial bubble from Seth Helgeson to Pavel Zacha to Lee Stempniak and Tyler Kennedy to even Tuomo Ruutu.  We even bring up a new goal song, Dave's not a huge fan and I demand that it's OK for you to do the Wave (it is!).  I go on to explain what else we could see this week beyond the final set of cuts. Dave also brings up a rumor that I'm not giving any credence to, so I won't.  Buy the book.

There have been no cuts as to how you can listen to this episode of Talking Red. You can get it directly at the TR website. You can go to iTunes and/or Stitcher and download it there. You can even stay right here at this post and listen to a stream of it. No matter how you choose, this week's episode is 56:54 long and 26.05 MB large.

Thanks to David for having me back on TR and for bringing the show back close to the start of the season. Please leave your thoughts about this week's episode in the comments or tell David directly on Twitter: @TalkingRed. Thank you for listening.