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Will Cory Schneider Be Part of the Next Era of Devils?

A bit of a loaded question here for several reasons. Will he want to stay through this rebuild? Will he remain elite long enough to stay around as our goalie? Will he be too expensive by the end of his contract? I look at some reasons Cory may not be with the Devils as long as we think.

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On of the great moves Lou made in his last few years as GM was the shocking trade for Cory Schneider. Not only has that worked out really well for us, but it was able to phase us out of one of the most dominant careers in NHL history in Martin Brodeur. Many view Cory as a chance for the Devils to begin the next era of great goaltending. However,  Cory became a Devil just in time to watch us screw the pooch. He is now isolated in a firing range trying desperately to keep us in games. It was the case last season and, if preseason is any indication, it looks like it might very well be the case again this season. The Devils will probably be good again eventually. I wonder if Schneider will be around to see it?

He Might Want Out

We are in a rebuild. I believe in many Devils' fans opinions, this rebuild is expected to last a couple years. However, sometimes things go wrong. The Oilers haven't made the playoffs in 9 years, the 'Canes in 6, and the Sabres in 4. We are already in the 4th longest drought in the league and it appears as though we are in a good position to rise up those ranks.

If our young defenders don't mature and Zacha swings and misses, that automatically feels like it would add a few years to out respectability hiatus. I wouldn't blame Cory if he asks for a trade after a few to many years of getting peppered with meaningless attempts. And we might benefit from it too since he is one of our only assets left to liquidate in order to replenish the prospect pool and infuse young talent.

He Might Get Worse

Sometimes I get the feeling, when talking to Devils' fans, that Cory Schneider was just a rookie. It appears as though no one realizes the guy is basically 30. Goalies seem to be perceived as having a longer shelf life, but it is decidedly finite. Now he could be amazing in the next few years. All 4 of Marty's Vezina trophies were in his age 30 season or later. But that is the most prolific goaltender of all time. It's tough to see him improving much. And he doesn't need to fall off the face of the planet to have his job threatened. After all...

Mackenzie Blackwood

Mackenzie Blackwood was the 2nd pick of the new regime. He was the first goalie selected in the 2015 draft and was the consensus #1 coming into the draft. Additionally, he proved that he is a physical freak at the combine. He picked up goaltending late so he will need time to develop. But how long could it take? 3 years? 4 years? It shouldn't take long before Keith Kinkaid feels the heat, and after that all bets are off for the high draft pick.


We're in a rebuild. I'm not asking if Cory Schneider is going to be the goalie or when we should be looking to trade him. All I'm asking is whether or not Cory Schneider will still be on this team when we have completed the transition and become whatever it is we are supposed to be. I would love for Cory to be the figurehead of the organization very soon. Yet, part of me just feels like when we look back on this, we will see the Marty Era, the Someone Else Important Era, and the "Schneider Bridge" as we try to find ourselves.

Your thoughts on the matter gentlemen?