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Ryane Clowe Done With Hockey

Ryane Clowe, announced Thursday during a conference call that his playing career is over. The string of head injuries and recommendations from doctor's have forced him to end his career. With three years still on his contract, Clowe will remain on IR or LTIR with the team.

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As reported by Tom Gulitti, Ray Shero has announced that Ryane Clowe will not suit up for an NHL game again. Clowe, who played a total of 56 NHL games with the Devils, has been recommended by doctors to not play again in the NHL. Signed during free agency in July of 2013, Clowe had previously had issues with concussions, saying in an interview that this most recent concussion was not his first.

Clowe last played November 6th, 2014, a game in which he suffered a head injury from which he is still feeling the effects from and has sidelined him for the rest of his career. Though Clowe's NHL career is all but officially over, it was a long and solid one. Playing a total of 491 games and amassing 309 points for .63 points per game, Clowe played the majority of his career with the San Jose Sharks and one season with the Rangers.

Looking Forward and the Impact on the Devils

Clowe, who signed his contract in July 2013 for $24.25 million dollars, will remain on Injured Reserve or Long Term Injured Reserve, and will make the rest of is $14.55 million dollars over the next three years. Remaining on Injured Reserve would have Clowe count against the cap, and since New Jersey is currently nowhere near the cap, this would not necessarily effect the team all that much. The other option is to place Clowe on LTIR, which would allow the team to exceed the cap by his cap hit, which in this case is $4.85 million.

In the conference call, Clowe made a point to emphasize that Ray Shero and Lou would put Ryane Clowe as a person above him as a player, praising their efforts to do so. Clowe, who hosts an annual charity golf tournament in Newfoundland, was and has always been a charitable player off the ice. Even though Clowe made a point of this, his career in New Jersey, while definitely short, was effective. While on the ice, Clowe managed 30 points in 56 games on an offensively lackluster New Jersey team. Playing some of his best hockey during the 2013-2014 season when paired with Jagr on the top line, Clowe, when healthy was a solid team player.

Your thoughts?

What are your thoughts on Ryane Clowe's departure? Will this affect the team? What was your favorite memory in his short time with New Jersey? Did you ever meet him? Let us know and thank you for reading!