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You Will Decide the New Name of This Devils Blog

With Lou Lamoriello now with another team, this New Jersey Devils blog will have a new name. There are three names and you, the reader, will decide that new name for this site in a poll that will run for one week.

Over two weeks ago, Lou Lamoriello dropped one of the biggest bombshells in the history of the New Jersey Devils franchise when he stepped down as team president and joined the Toronto organization.  From the second that news dropped, I was inundated with all kinds of messages asking one thing: Are you changing the name of the site?  Over two weeks ago, I announced that yes, the name of this site will change. There will be a new name.  And starting today for a full week, you will decide that new name.

I will admit that this was not the original plan.  I was hoping to have a killer name and state, "This is the name. Like diamonds, it'll be forever." But after coming up with three names and seeing the level of response on this site, I've decided that it would be appropriate to have you all have your say in the name.  The site is just as much for you as it has been for me. So there will be a poll at the end of this post and from the moment this post goes live until a full week, you can pick one of the three names for the new name for this site.  Once a week is up, I'll hide the post, and formally announce the new name on next Monday.

I will say that some of the comments came really close.  I will note them as I present to you the three names to choose from, presented in alphabetical order.

All About the Jersey - Two commenters very nearly got this one: FrankG929 and devilsjets14.  While I'm not big on puns, this one just feels good and it highlights the site's emphasis.

Breaking Down the Devs - Amazingly out of 172 comments, no one used the shortened version of Devils. Still, this name basically spells out what the site is about without being entirely generic.

New Jersey Hockey Community Bobby V and FrankG929 (who apparently has a thing for names) also came really close in nailing this one. This one ties in the logo which has adorned this site ever since it became a part of SBN.

I'm not going to make any argument for one name or the other as I'm fine with any of the three. The site won't immediately be re-branded; there is plenty of work behind the scenes that has to be done.  But this decision will help kick all that off.  Again, the name will change but the goal will not: we will still push to be a Devils blog that's primarily about the Devils (this and tomorrow's post notwithstanding), providing some of the best analysis, opinions, reactions, and commentary about the team anywhere.  (And you will have a chance to help this site with content if you're interested; but let's save that for tomorrow.)

You are free to make your case for one over the other in the comments, provided you all do so respectfully. The choice will be among these three names only, so please don't make any more suggestions for names.  That time is over. It is now the time to make your choice. Please select the name you think would be best for this blog in the poll. Thank you for reading this site; I look forward to the results.