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Site News: The New Name & The New Writers

Last week, I opened up a poll for readers to select the new name for this blog and put out a call for new writers. Within a week, the people have chosen a new name and I have selected five new people to write at this site. This is the formal announcement of both.

Last week, I asked you all to decide the new name of the site. You've made your voices heard: It's All About the Jersey.

2015 Site name poll results

While I would have been happy with either of the three names, it wasn't much of a contest.  A vast majority of you chose All About the Jersey early on and nothing in the past week or so changed that sentiment.  Therefore, that will be the new name of the site.  This site will still be known as In Lou We Trust for a little while longer as there's plenty of work that has to be done behind the scenes to transition to the new name.  That's out of my hands, but I can tell you that plans have already begun to make the changes to the site. You'll see that rolled out, likely before the season.  I'll have more information as I have them. Thank you to all 1,644 of you that made your voice heard.

Also, last week, I put out a call for new writers for three specific positions. As always, I continue to be touched by how many people who read this site who want to help out on the site.  I've received entries for all three positions and was able to fill them in rather quickly. I thank everyone who sent me an entry and expressed interest in helping out. Here are the new writers I have chosen from those entries.

First, Matt Mowrer will take the position of fantasy hockey writer. He will regularly provide fantasy-based posts about what's going in hockey, who to pick up and dump, and more involving readers like yourself.

Second, Shane Kinsley and Nicholas D'Alessio will take the positions of moments writers. They will provide snapshots of events during games and other small bits throughout the day, rather than have them show up in a recap or possibly ignored at all.

Third, Christopher Moxley and Steve Wozniak will handle the day news writing positions.  The two of them will provide more timely posts about what's happening in the world of the Devils, such as signings, trades, injuries, waivers, call-ups, and more.

With all five of them, the goal is to provide more content to the site while still maintaining the high level of quality this site is known for.  New name, new writers, and still a Devils blog focusing on the New Jersey Devils. That's what this site will always be about as long as I have a say about it and readers like you continue to want it. Thank you for reading.