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Yes, This Site's Name Will Change

With Lou Lamoriello leaving the New Jersey Devils and joining Toronto, the most common questions and statements I got were about this site's name. As this post states, yes, it will change and provides the current status of said change.

At approximately 10 AM EST, Lou Lamoriello was named the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs after stepping down as team president of the New Jersey Devils.  At approximately 10:01 AM EST to as I write this, I have received Tweets, texts, emails, comments, and other forms of communication asking me about the name of this site.  Some were questions, such as "Are you changing the site name?" Some were declarative statements, such as "About that name, you should change it."  Some were neither but offering an unsolicited suggestion about a name change. Overall, it was the most common response I got to the news.  Therefore, this post will address the site's situation.

The biggest question is answered in the headline.  Yes, the name of the site will change.  It no longer makes sense as Lou Lamoriello is with a different team.  In the interest of transparency, I did propose changing the name of the site way back when Ray Shero was named general manager of the Devils.  After sleeping on it and discussing it, I decided against it on the basis that Lamoriello was still in the organization. The site name and brand, as it were, of the last seven or so years would remain.  And so I said things were "Status Quo." Now, the status quo cannot continue.  Expect a change.

When will it be changed? Unfortunately, I cannot tell you.  Changing the name and brand of this blog isn't necessarily as simple as flipping a switch.  Domain names, graphics, social media accounts, and more would have to be changed. We would also have to ensure we don't lose anything in transition.  It doesn't help that this news came out of nowhere in true Lamorielloian fashion.  There was nothing to prepare in advance.  I can say at the latest that we will have a change in place well before the season begins.

What will it be changed to? Well, I cannot confirm a new name at this time. Again, I've received a lot of suggestions from others about a site name.  If you want to keep making suggestions, then go ahead. However, it's highly unlikely we will use them.  As strange as it may seem, a name is a very big decision.  Just before I launched ILWT on Blogspot way back in 2006 (and it's all there still in it's poorly-written glory), I agonized over what to call it.  That day, I had a dollar bill in my hand and I immediately thought of In Lou We Trust. I then immediately thought, "No, that', that can't be a good name...can it?" to myself.  I couldn't shake it, I ultimately went with it, and here we are.  I've received countless compliments for the name and, more importantly, thousands of you recognize it.  So this isn't a easy or small decision to make.  What it will be may last years. After all, this name has been in use since 2006.

I have some backup names that are under consideration, so I can say a number of things about it.  Hints, if you will.  It won't be a person-specific name. Sorry to say, but you can throw out your Shero puns. It also won't be a player-specific name.  So it's not going to be From Elias to Arnott or Scott Destroys Eric.  For legal reasons, I can't throw the word "Devils" into it since we're not associated with the Devils.  I personally am loathe to simple hockey references (e.g. The 1-2-2 411, which would only work back in 1995 and still what a crummy name, I'm sorry for writing it) and puns; so I wouldn't count on that.  It won't be about donuts, I'm not sure why I'd go with a reference from 1988 today. I mean, if the 1988 Devils went all the way, sure, but they didn't.  Anyway, I cannot say anything more beyond that about the name.  But there are your bounds.

So I wish I could give you something more substantive.  Instead, know that there will be changes to the site name and branding.  Also know that there won't be changes to what we're about.  That's providing the best analysis, opinion, and commentary about the New Jersey Devils.  The name won't be Status Quo (it would confuse us with a rock band) for long, but we will continue to try to keep quality at the same level it always has been.  I think you, the reader, deserve that in this day and age of clickbait and fluffy posts dominating content.  As always, thank you for reading.  I will provide more updates when they happen.