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2015 NHL Draft: Devils' Picks and How to Watch

This is the headquarters for all things pertaining to the draft necessary for the ILWT reader. When are the Devils picking? What time is it on? Where can I find it? All questions answered in this article.

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For the first time that I can remember (I was born in '92) the Devils are officially, unanimously, and unequivocally in rebuilding mode regardless of what anyone says. And I mean anyone. That makes this one of the important days in the next era of Devils' hockey. With 3 picks in the top 41, the Devils should be able to establish at least one core member of the future team and maybe multiple NHL-level players.

A team can't be totally rebuilt in one draft, but with the new GM, coach, and assistants inheriting a team in transition, this is a monumentally important day that can set the tone for the next few years at least and possibly even define their NJ tenure. As Devils fans, if this team becomes something in a few years, we might be able to look back and say "I saw when that era started with the drafting of _______." Of course you can only say that if you watch...

The Time: Round 1 occurs from 7pm EST to 10pm EST on Friday with the second round following from 10am EST to 1pm EST on Saturday.

The Broadcast: Friday's round will be covered by NBCSN, but NHLN has preview shows starting at 5:30pm and a review at 10pm. NHLN then picks up the live coverage on Saturday.

The Devil's Picks: The Devils have 6 selections in this draft. They pick 6th (first round), 36th (second round), 41st (second round from Florida), 67th (third round), 97th (fourth round), 157th (sixth round).

The Prospects: Don't know who any of these people are. Check out some awesome write-ups at the ILWT Profile Hub and a couple more at the SBN Mock Draft.

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