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Devils in the Details - 6/1/15: Coach? Edition

New Jersey Devils & Related Hockey Links for 6/1/15

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your links for today:

Devils Links

Sounds like a head coaching decision could come within the next couple days? Maybe? Possibly? [Fire and Ice]

Ray Shero sees Sergey Kalinin competing for a roster spot next season. [Fire and Ice]

Interesting offseason question: Which NHL team is in the worst spot? (Spoiler alert: There's a fair amount of talk about your favorite New Jersey hockey team in there.) [r/hockey]

Prospect Josh Jacobs has decided to leave Michigan State. [PHT]

Hockey Links

The Stanley Cup Finals will see the Blackhawks pitted against the Lightning. Here's your schedule: [Eye on Hockey]

One of the items on the competition committee's agenda this week is a new overtime format. How would you like to see overtime changed during the regular season? [PHT]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.