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You Asked, I Answer: The Future of This Site's Name

On Monday, the reality of the New Jersey Devils changed when Lou Lamoriello announced he will no longer be the team's GM. Since then, I've received many questions about the name of this site. After delaying, here is the answer.

On Monday, May 4, one of the most massive, franchise-changing announcements that could have been made at the time was made at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Lou Lamoriello held a media conference call and announced that he would step away from the General Manager position for the New Jersey Devils. He named Ray Shero as General Manager, and Lou will stick around as the team's President.  Here was the initial post Gerard had up on this very site. I had a series of posts that evening summarizing what Shero did in Pittsburgh, reasoning out what will happen next and what else can change now that Shero is in charge, and, for lack of a better term, a tribute to Lou.

When the news broke, one of the questions I faced was regarding the name of this site.  I got this on Twitter, in comments, and even in person.  In that last post about Lou, I included an aside that coincided with what I said through the site's Twitter account to the myriad of questions about this site's name.

It's why this blog has this name. (Aside: My only answer to any and all questions about the name of this blog: Wait.)

The time for waiting is over.  You may have figured it out by now, but I have only two words to describe the future of the name and, by extension, how this site will operate.  And they'll be the only two words to really say about it:


Now that's that settled, let's review what will happen next here.  Alex will have a prospect profile tomorrow, I'll have the next set of goals against Keith Kinkaid reviewed for Sunday, and then many more prospect profiles to come. Thank you for continuing to read this Devils blog.