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New Jersey Devils to Stream 1995 Stanley Cup Red-White Alumni Game

The New Jersey Devils 1995 Stanley Cup Red-White Alumni Game sold out within minutes of tickets going on sale. There is good news for those shut out from attending: the team will be streaming the game on their website. And Scott Niedermayer will be there.

NJ Devils PR

Last month, the New Jersey Devils announced that they would be having an alumni game featuring players from the 1995 team that won the franchise's first Stanley Cup.  It is appropriately titled the 1995 Stanley Cup Red-White Alumni Game and it will take place on March 7, 2015.

I was disappointed by the initial announcement because it would be held at the AmeriHealth Pavilion. That's a roughly 800-seater capacity for an alumni game featuring Martin Brodeur and Scott Stevens.  As expected, tickets sold fast to the point where the event was sold out before it was even 8:15 AM. Since the announcement, Scott Niedermayer and Valeri Zelepukin have been added to the game.  Two names - OK, one name and a cult hero - that could have drawn an even bigger crowd.  This event could have easily been held at the Prudential Center on a different date, drawing not only a larger crowd but also raising more money for the New Jersey Devils Alumni Association.  It's not like March 7 has a special significance.  Alas, what's done is done.

The good news is that, if you're like me and couldn't get a ticket, you can still follow the game. According to this post at the team's official website has announced that they will be streaming the game at Player introductions will begin at 3:45 and the game will be at 4 PM.   It will be commentated by Matt Loughlin and - yes! - Chico Resch.  For a Saturday afternoon diversion, you really can't do much better than Matt and Chico calling plays for Brodeur, Stevens, Niedermayer, the Crash Line, Zelepukin, Bruce Driver, Bill Guein, John MacLean, Tommy Albelin, Chris Terreri, Jim Dowd, and Brian Rolston.  All this with Jacques Lemaire and Larry Robinson behind each team's bench.   It should be a fun experience.  While I still think the Devils missed an opportunity by limiting this event to the practice rink, the thousands shutout from attending can still check it out. That's a good thing.   Fans can also take part in an auction on apparel from this game, that will run from March 6 through March 16.

One final bit, check that start time.  According to the post, the game will start at 4 PM EST.  Yet, the initial press release and the web page dedicated to how the team is honoring the 1995 season, the game is listed with a 3 PM start time.  It appears the team made a time change without directly announcing it.   Or that whoever wrote up the article today made a mistake.  Hopefully, the team will clarify that soon.