Continued discussion about whether NJ could get compensation in the event Kovalchuk seeks to return

If anyone wants to continue the discussion from the comments in the Game preview about whether NJ could receive compensation in the event 17 seeks to return in 2016-17 please do so here.

It seems to me that the veto should effectively give NJ the ability to negotiate a trade. Basically they would sign him to the contract that the other team would seek to give him then they would execute the pre-arranged trade. His new team, NJ, and the league all win with a star player returning from the KHL. I looked quickly at the CBA but could not find any insight, the whole thing is beyond me. Acasser looked and seems to think demanding comp not to exercise the veto would not be found to appropriate.

If you have any thoughts please post it here rather than in the game preview. If not we'll let this die until it becomes more likely..

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