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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode #177

After some time, it's time for another episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast, Talking Red. David Sarch and John Fischer discuss a bad hockey team, bad sales staff, the trade deadline, the draft lottery, Steve Cangelosi, and more.

After quite some time, the sun, moon, and schedules aligned for another episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast, Talking Red. Given the space between the last episode (All-Star Game) and this one, David Sarch and I didn't go into every Devils game.  Not that we needed to describe each one.  The performances have been so bad, they've all run together with and without winning results.  After we gone through that, we vent about the Devils sales department, which is also having a bad 2014-15 season.  Then, we get a bit into the trade deadline and the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery.  We also think the Devils may win some games in this coming week.

Despite the absence, the methods to listen to Talking Red remain the same.  You can go to the Talking Red website and get it from there. You can go to iTunes or Stitcher and find the show there. You can even stay here and listen to a stream of it. Whichever way you choose, this week's episode is 47:56 long and roughly 21.94 MB large.

Please leave your thoughts about this week's episode in the comments or tell David directly on Twitter: @TalkingRed.  Thanks for David for having me on the show again. Thank you for listening.