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Late Hit on Tlusty Earns Two Game Suspension for Boston’s Max Talbot

The Department of Player Safety handed Talbot his first career suspension for a very late hit on an unsuspecting Jiri Tlusty.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Bruins Center Max Talbot has been suspended for two games for a late hit on Devils' winger Jiri Tlusty, as dictated by the Department of Player Safety. The hit took place in the second period of Sunday's 2-1 loss in the shootout.

For the opposition’s take on the decision, check out the Stanley Cup of Chowder.

Explanation from the Department of Player Safety

The supplemental discipline stems from an emphasis on the lateness of the hit as well as the play demonstrating a textbook case of interference (though there was no penalty on the play). The report from the DoPS recognizes the hit lands high in the chest and head, but does not imply any relation between the point of contact and the suspension itself. Talbot has not been suspended at any other point in his eleven-year NHL career.

Jiri Will Play On

Tlusty remained in Sunday’sgame, and is expected to play in Tuesday’s matchup against Detroit.

Your Take

While this was only one hit which left Devils fans frustrated watching Sunday’s game, this one was the most egregious by far. What’s your take on the suspension? Too little, too much, or just right?