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The (Potentially) Available Seats for New Jersey Devils Games by Section & Row

Thanks to Ticketmaster's seating maps, in this post, I counted how many seats are in each section and deduced which color section is associated with each row in the Prudential for the New Jersey Devils 2015-16 regular season.

Empty seats like the ones close to the glass are regular more often than not for the Devils.  How are they being priced? This post highlights their section by row.
Empty seats like the ones close to the glass are regular more often than not for the Devils. How are they being priced? This post highlights their section by row.
Adam Hunger/Getty Images

For the last few weeks, I've been taking a closer look to figuring out ticket prices for the New Jersey Devils.  I figured out the tiers of prices for regular season games two weeks back. Thanks to information provided by a reader of this site, I was able to list the season and single game ticket prices for each section in each tier and compare it with 2014-15's prices. All that was missing between the seating map and the prices by section is what rows are associated with each color.   I have figured that out and will present it to you today.

Since the Devils' website does not have this information readily available, I had to deduce what they would be from other sources.  Namely, Ticketmaster.  The ubiquitous service allows users to search for tickets by seats on a map. They highlight available seats, but they also list what has already been sold Since Ticketmaster cannot sell tickets to seats that do not exist, this was the way to establish how many seats are in each row and in each seating section.  Based on what was available to buy, the changes in price would match with a change in the pricing section.  After plenty of deduction and counting every single dot on that seating map, I believe I have what part of the arena is really associated with each section.

Amazingly, there is a goal bar section.  It's technically on the seating map but it was not a part of pricing chart.  So I couldn't tell you how much those seats would count.  More amazingly, my count is off by 127 seats.  The Devils have set capacity at the Prudential Center for this season at 16,514.  After going through the seating map at Ticketmaster, I counted 16,387 seats.  This includes Wheelchair accessible rows, tables in the back of the sections in the end where the Devils defend twice, and both goal bar and restaurant sections.  So unless I miscounted something (I didn't miss a row), there's another 127 seats the Devils know about but aren't readily available.  Weird.

I did make a few assumptions for these charts.  I assumed that the Glass A section is the first row with Glass B & C for the second and third rows. Ticketmaster designated the first three rows as GL1, GL2, and GL3 respectively, so I feel safe in that assumption.  These sections don't exist for Sections 16 and 22 as those rows don't exist.  I also didn't count Glass B & C in Sections 8 and 19 as they don't appear to exist.  The seating map at Ticketmaster called Rows 2-5 in Sections 7 and 9 to be part of Section 8 and Rows 2-8 in Sections 18 and 20 to be a part of Section 19.  Those are all club sections; though by the map, I'm wondering whether it's really Rows 2-8 in Sections 7 and 9.  I counted the tables in the back of sections to match the section color in the seats just ahead of them. I couldn't deduce how much those seats cost.   Lastly, I did not count suites as those were not available. I suspect the Devils' capacity dropped from the original 17,625 to their current mid-16,000 number because the team isn't counting them either. Fair enough.

Without further ado, here they are, complete with seat count:

2015-16 Devils Seats by Section Row

The Premier sections are entirely in the lower bowl except for the Restaurant and Goal Bar. They have their own sections in between the bowls.  The subtotal of these premier sections is 3,030 seats.

2015-16 Devils Seats by Section Row

As a note for this and the next chart, the colors that run to "Back" is the back of that section. Not every section has the same number of rows, so this is the more accurate way of listing it.  The 1,605 number for the Orange sections is for the lower bowl only.  The grand total for Orange is 2,106.  The lower bowl sub-total is 5,125 seats. Combined with the premier sections in the lower bowl, the lower bowl is 7,811 seats.

2015-16 Devils Seats by Section Row

Orange is the only color used between both bowls, though the team's crimson and maroon look very close to each other. The team still believes those two middle sections in the lower half of the upper bowl are worth more than the others.  The side sections conveniently have one color per section. The balcony sections are the ones with multiple colors.  All told, the upper bowl has a sub-total of 8,232 seats.  Between all seats, I get 16,387.

Between this and the prices I posted last week - again, thanks to JetsDevils78 for providing that information - I think this is all the information a potential ticket buyer.  I also think this is still rather convoluted. I shouldn't have to spend the time to figure this out or ask others to ask others to get it. Knowing where seats are and how much they cost is rather important for anyone who wants to go to a game or not.  Alas, the Devils think otherwise for reasons I can't figure out.  In any case, let me know what you think of all this.  Could this be made simpler? Could this be made cheaper in an attempt to fill the Rock more often?  Please leave your answers and other thoughts about seating at the Prudential Center in the comments.  Thank you for reading.