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Tyler Kennedy Returns to New Jersey Devils on Professional Tryout

After leaving three games into the 2015-16 preseason to tend to personal issues, forward Tyler Kennedy has returned to try out a second time for the New Jersey Devils.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

According to NHL.comTyler Kennedy has joined the New Jersey Devils for the second time in 2015 on a professional tryout contract. The 29-year old forward attended the Devils' training camp prior to this season, but he left the team to handle personal matters after just three games. Kennedy is already with the team and will begin to practice with the Devils in Calgary.

How was that first tryout?

John summarized his preseason performance back in early October while announcing a round of cuts.

Kennedy had a decent preseason. The 29-year old got into three games, scored no goals, scored in the first 3-on-3 exhibition game against the Islanders which was unofficial, picked up two assists, took three penalties, and put five shots on net.  That's not a terrible stat line, but for a winger on a try-out, one would have wanted to see at least more shooting from him.  In his career, he has averaged over two and a half shots per game.  Yet, he did not do that in preseason.  I would have liked to have seen him get one more game in the hopes of making a more spirited case.  Yet, personal issues have kept him away from the team this week.

For more analysis on Tyler Kennedy as a player, I will direct you to John's pre-preseason analysis of his game.

Your thoughts?

Truthfully, we didn't see all that much of him as he made it through less than half of the preseason. However, he's an NHL capable player. In 477 games split between the San Jose Sharks and the New York Islanders, he has 86 goals, 199 points and 225 penalty minutes. He did net the first 3-on-3 OT goal for the Devils (though they had already lost that game - the teams played the OT for the experience), a scenario in which the Devils have found much success so far this season. Are you excited to see the Devils give him another shot? If he pulls through, where do you see him in the lineup?