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Boucher Assigned to Albany

Reid Boucher will be assigned to the Albany Devil. Boucher, who has played in half of the teams games so far this season has been held pointless and will be a featured player in the AHL for the organization.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Early Wednesday the Devils announced they've assigned Reid Boucher to the Albany Devils. Boucher, who has yet to register a point for the team this season will be looked at to be a main contribute to the organization at the AHL level. A corresponding move to recall a player has not yet been announced by the team.

Boucher will return to an Albany team that has started the season 1-1-1 with a multitude of offensive troubles, scoring 6 goals in 3 games. Boucher has a history of success with Albany scoring 22 goals two seasons ago with the team, meaning they will look to him to be a key contributor. Although he arguably regressed last year, scoring only 15 goals, this move will hopefully instill confidence within him and help with his goal-scoring, which is his major asset.

How It Impacts New Jersey

This move while disappointing, was largely unsurprising. Boucher had struggled to start the season in New Jersey, not only failing to register a point but also being scratched for 3 of the teams 6 games. Hynes, who has given younger players more opportunity this year, with Stefan Matteau and Jacob Josefson and others being involved, has done the same with Boucher but has yet to see results pay off.

This move will give Boucher the playing time he needs to rebuild his confidence and hopefully take a next step in his development. With the lack of playing time in New Jersey, Boucher will be a fixture on an Albany team where he's had success before.

What are your thoughts on Boucher? Will this move ultimately help in improve his play? How will Boucher fare in Albany against weaker competition? Let us know your thoughts and as always, thank you for reading.