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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode #165

The NHL is ever closer to returning and so Talking Red is back. On this week's episode, David Sarch interviews Rob Vollman of Rob Vollman's Hockey Abstract 2014 about the book, the East, penalty killing, and (of course) the Devils.

Last night, the New Jersey Devils podcast Talking Red made a return to the Internet.  I was not available but David Sarch certainly was to talk with Rob Vollman.  He's the advanced stat man who's been featured or interviewed on a list of websites too long to list.  He's also the author of Rob Vollman's Hockey Abstract. I reviewed his 2014 book recently. As you'd expect, David and Rob talk about the book, penalty killing in the NHL, the Eastern Conference, and (of course) his take on the Devils heading into the 2014-15 season.

It's not even preseason but the ways to listen to Talking Red remain in mid-season form.   You can go to the Talking Red website and get it from there. You can go to iTunes or Stitcher and find the show there. You can even stay here and listen to a stream of it. Whichever way you choose, this week's episode is 1:07:14 long and roughly 30.78 MB large.

Thanks to Rob for coming onto TR to talk about hockey, his book, and the Devils.   You can follow him on Twitter at @robvollmanNHL and try to keep up with his many ventures and his books at his site, Hockey Abstract. You can always follow @TalkingRed on Twitter and let David know what you're thinking. Please leave any thoughts about this week's episode in the comments. Thank you for listening to this episode.