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New Jersey Devils Select Brandon Baddock with Second Sixth Round Pick in 2014 Draft

Unless they make a move for another pick, the New Jersey Devils used their last pick in the 2014 NHL Draft on a bruising 19-year old forward named Brandon Baddock of the Edmonton Oil Kings. This is a quick reaction post on the pick.

Brandon Baddock did win the Memorial Cup with Edmonton last season. He's got that going for him.
Brandon Baddock did win the Memorial Cup with Edmonton last season. He's got that going for him.
Bruce Bennett

Barring any moves to get another sixth round pick or a seventh round pick, the 161st overall pick was the final one for the New Jersey Devils this year.  This late in the process, the draft is essentially akin throwing darts at a small target.  The Devils decided to throw one at someone who's big, tough, and not much else.  With their second sixth round pick in 2014, the Devils drafted forward Brandon Baddock of the Edmonton Oil Kings.   According to his profile at Elite Prospects, he's 6'4", 205 pounds, 19 years old, and has 28 points in 116 WHL games.

I will say that Baddock maintaining discipline in the postseason and Memorial Cup is a positive.  It tells me that he's not reckless. That said, there's not much here that suggests a bright future.  It's been a while since the Devils burned a late draft pick on an older junior player who's known for fists, hits, and not much else.   I guess David Conte figured it was time to end that streak instead of looking at someone with who will have a long developmental cycle like their other sixth round pick.  Or someone that re-entered the draft and showed some progress (e.g. Brady Vail).  Or an overage player who has a better point per game rate than 0.24 in juniors. Or maybe someone on that Memorial Cup winning Edmonton Oil Kings team.  Or Stephen Watson, whose fall in this draft has been bigger and almost as odd as Brayden Point's.    If this seems like the story of the Devils' 2014 draft, then you may be right. But I'll have more on that later today.

There's not much else out there on Baddock.  Perhaps you know more?  If so, please share it in the comments.  Also feel free to give your opinion on the Baddock selection.   Thank you for reading.