Devils 2014-15 Marketing Campaigns & Ideas Open MEGA Thread!

Marketeeng? Deffils? Vat isss thees?


We all know this is the best spot on the interwebz for anything and everything relating to our favorite team. And while John and the staff do an excellent job of covering the players and the game, I thought i'd try something new and create an open thread where we can discuss the team's current (and future) marketing initiatives for the season.

Sadly i think we all know that marketing and promotion hasn't been the team's strong suit over the decades, but they have been trying. And I think discussing it on a site that attracts such intelligent and caring fans may actually even help elevate it.

Hopefully this can be the sort of place where we can even brainstorm some ideas that we think will work and who knows, maybe the Devils brass will even take notice like they did with the "Diablos" supporter's section.

If this works out, maybe we can start doing individual posts focussed on specific campaigns, but lets walk before we run eh? But in the meantime, if you see a Devils promotion or marketing plan GET IT IN HERE for us to discuss! If you have an idea about what the team should or could be doing to promote itself, GET IT IN HERE for us to discuss!

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