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New Jersey Devils 2014-15 Season Schedule: 82 Games, 18 Back-to-Back Sets

Today, the NHL released the regular season schedule for the 2014-15 season. This post hits the highlights in the schedule for the New Jersey Devils along with a monthly breakdown of games.

Want to cheer Travis Zajac and Tuomo Ruutu doing things in 2014-15?  The schedule is out so you can make your plans now.
Want to cheer Travis Zajac and Tuomo Ruutu doing things in 2014-15? The schedule is out so you can make your plans now.
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

As of 4 PM this afternoon, the National Hockey League has released the regular season schedule for the 2014-15 season.  The official NHL site released the New Jersey Devils' schedule here. The Devils' official website has their calendar set up for those of you, like me, that prefer a more visual appearance.   I did a quick look at the team's schedule to give you the highlights from the schedule as of right now.

As reported yesterday, the Devils will start 2014-15 on the road. They will begin on a four-game road trip, which includes the home openers for Philadelphia and Florida.   October is actually fairly kind on the Devils' travel as they only have one back-to-back set later in the month.   That's when the schedule really gets packed with five more sets of back-to-back games.  In total, the Devils will have 18 sets of back-to-back games.  Dirk Hoag will release his super schedule later, but it should be one the highest figures in the league.   Regardless of who the back up goaltender may be, he will likely play a significant portion of the season due to this total alone.

Here's my quick monthly run-down:

Month GP Home Road B2B H Streak R Streak
Oct 10 4 6 1 3 GP 4 GP
Nov 14 5 9 5 2 GP 4 GP
Dec 15 7 8 2 4 GP 3 GP
Jan 11 7 4 3 3 GP 3 GP
Feb 13 9 4 4 6 GP 2 GP
Mar 14 7 7 2 3 GP 3 GP
Apr 5 2 3 1 1 GP 2 GP

In the 2014 portion of the season, the Devils will play 39 games with 23 on the road.  In the new year, they will make that up with a home-heavy schedule in January and February.  If you're interested in checking out the Devils live, then that's the month to do it.   That six-game home stand to end February alone will provide plenty of opportunities.  It'll be their longest run of games between home and road trips.  The Devils won't play more than four straight on the road at a given point in the season, and they'll do it twice near the beginning of the season.

Here are some additional highlights I noted from reviewing the schedule:

  • The Devils will hit all three California-based teams in January on a road trip: 1/14 - 1/19.
  • They will travel to western Canada (a.k.a. Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver) for late night games in late November on a four game road trip: 11/18 - 11/25.
  • Amazingly, the Devils will only play two games on Sunday in this coming season.  They are both at home and late in the schedule: 3/8 vs. Philadelphia, 3/29 vs. Anaheim.
  • Your first chance to boo the Rangers will be at the Rock on October 21.   Your last chance to boo the Rangers this season will also be at the Rock on April 7.
  • The first time the Flyers will come to the Rock in 2014-15 will be on January 3.
  • If you want to congratulate the Kings in person for beating the Rangers for the Stanley Cup when they are in New Jersey, then mark March 23, 2015 on your calendar.
  • Should you want to keep jeering Zach Parise, then you will get your chance to do it in Newark on November 11.
  • The longest break between games will be seven days from January 20 through January 27.  This includes the All-Star Break.  Other than that, the longest break the Devils will get once the season will start is three days.
  • The majority of starts will be at 7 PM. There are no afternoon games in New Jersey whatsoever unless you consider 5 PM start (3/8 against Philly) an afternoon start.  This may change when the U.S. national television schedule is released.
  • Games designated for Canadian national television are on the NHL's schedule.   Four will be on Hockey Night in Canada, three will be on Sportsnet, and one will be on Sportsnet 1.  Interestingly, two of those eight will not involve a Canadian team: one's a Devils-Flyers game (1/3) and the other's a Devils-Rangers game (4/4).
  • Other league dates of note:  September 18 is the beginning of training camp; the Christmas break is on December 24 and ends on December 26; and the All-Star break starts on January 22 and runs through January 26.
The Devils usually announce single game ticket sales closer to the season's start.   You can still get a season ticket plan at their official website.   In any case, what do you make of the 2014-15 schedule?  Are there are any dates you're looking forward to?  What parts of it concern you the most regarding the Devils?  Please leave your answers and other reactions to the schedule in the comments.  Thank you for reading.