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New Jersey Devils to Start 2014-15 on Road; Home Opener on October 18 Against San Jose

The full 2014-15 NHL schedule will be released tomorrow, but three dates for the New Jersey Devils have been announced. The Devils will start on the road with at least two games before their home opener on October 18 against San Jose.

Jagr, Elias, and the New Jersey Devils will receive the San Jose Sharks on October 18, their first home game of the 2014-15 season.
Jagr, Elias, and the New Jersey Devils will receive the San Jose Sharks on October 18, their first home game of the 2014-15 season.
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the New Jersey Devils held their home opener for their second game of the 2013-14 season before embarking on a five-game road trip through western Canada.   In this coming season, they may not have to begin going through Canada but they will start on the road.  The New Jersey Devils announced on their website and their official Twitter account that their first game at the Rock will be on October 18.

The full NHL schedule will be released tomorrow afternoon so it's unclear as to how many games they will play before taking to the ice in Newark.   There are two games known at this moment.  The Devils' first game will be the first home game for the Second Rate Rivals.  The Flyers' official Twitter account announced their home opener against New Jersey on October 9. The second game of our favorite team will be on October 11 as they are the opponents for the Florida Panthers' home opener.

At least it's not a home-and-away back-to-back set to start like last season.  Still, the Devils started off last season incredibly poor with a seven game winless streak.   Starting several games on the road will make trying to avoid a winless beginning again just a little more difficult.  I don't think it's likely they can be as bad as 0-4-3, but it's a goal they should set given what happened in 2013-14.  That first home game against San Jose could also prove challenging provided the Sharks don't blow up their team entirely. When the full schedule is released and teams are settled after free agency frenzy, the picture may be a bit clearer for the Devils' hopes in 2014-15.

By the way, Tom Gulitti did report at Fire & Ice a few days back the team's preseason schedule. It's six games, two each against the local opponents, two are back-to-back, one will be in Brooklyn again, and the last three are all at the Rock.  Now we know the team will have four full days off between their final exhibition game and their first real game to rest up and make any final decisions out of training camp.   The NHL Draft is next weekend, but with scheduling information coming out, it won't be too long before Devils games are happening.