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GO WEST - The ILWT 2014 Playoffs Open Discussion Post

This is an open post for ILWT fans to discuss about all of the hot, cold, and in-between action of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs that do not feature the New Jersey Devils. They can also discuss what they'd like to see this summer.

OK, so I'm about a day late on this whole 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thing.  The New Jersey Devils aren't in it so I can't say I'm planning my evenings all around the games.  Still, they should be very exciting.  Even the New York-Philly series that I'd like to see both teams lose some how, some way.   So if you all want to talk about the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs, then this is spot to do so.   Complain about that hit, gush about that goal, bite your nails about that overtime, lament some awful performances that make you wish the Devils were there instead, jeer at those eliminated with something like this, and praise those who go the distance in one of the most arduous playoffs in all of sport.

If you want up to date information as far as when the games are, who's playing in them, and what channel, then the is the best place to go.

If you want to join the ILWT bracket challenge, then Nate has all the information that you'd want.

If you want to know which bandwagon to jump onto, then Mike has some suggestions. Pro-tip: The answer is never Our Hated Rivals or the Second Rate Rivals.

If you want to make a request for something you'd like to see this summer in terms of analysis, then you might as well bring it up here too.  For what it's worth, I'm planning on goals against analyses for Martin Brodeur (starting real soon) and then Cory Schneider (maybe in August), a review of all goals and assists by Jaromir Jagr, and other small things.  Expect to see plenty of draft profiles and free-agency based posts (RFAs first and then UFAs) soon too.

WHAT ABOUT ALBANY?!: Oh yeah, Calder Cup Playoffs discussion should happen here too.   AHL Live is your best bet for broadcasting if you're not local.

Enjoy the playoffs.  Have at it in the comments.  And may I suggest that you make this your unofficial theme for the postseason.