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2014 ILWT Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge

We talkin' 'bout a bracket challenge?

It's what they're all after, folks.
It's what they're all after, folks.
Jim Rogash

While the 2013-14 season is done for your New Jersey Devils, for 16 other NHL teams, the real season is just beginning. As the Stanley Cup playoffs begin tomorrow, it's time to set your picks in's postseason bracket challenge.

We here at In Lou We Trust wanted to give you a chance to compete with your fellow Devils fans for top honors in the contest. While we can offer little more than chest-beating pride and bragging rights as a prize for winning this challenge, we hope that you'll enjoy it all the same.

In Lou We Trust Bracket Challenge

If needed, here is the necessary information:
LEAGUE NAME: In Lou We Trust

Come one, come all! Hope to see you over there.