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New Jersey Devils vs. San Jose Sharks: Gamethread #62

This is the gamethread for today's game between the New Jersey Devils and the San Jose Sharks. This is a post where users can discuss what happens before, during, and after the game until the recap is up.

The Time: 3:00 PM EST

The Broadcast: TV- MSG; Radio - 660 AM & 101.9FM WFAN

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils (26-22-13) vs. The San Jose Sharks (38-17-6; SBN Blog: Fear The Fin.)

The Game Previews: Jerry's preview from earlier is right here. For the opposition's point of view, feel free to drop by Fear The Fin.

The Song for Tonight: "Megalodon" by Mastodon. Songs about giant ancient sharks that grew to over fifty feet in length? Yes please. Suddenly Joe Thornton doesn't seem so big...

Gameday Info: Cory Schneider is back in net this afternoon for the Devils. Check in with Tom Gulitti for this and all the latest NJ Devils news.

The Reminder of Rules: This is a place where you can comment about this game before, during, and after it's played before the recap is up. This is a place where we primarily discuss the Devils game. An odd mention of other NHL games is OK, but it shouldn't dominate discussion. All comments will be clean, respectful of each other, relevant to the game, and legal (read: no streams). Please refrain from super-big pictures and .GIFs to keep the gamethread moving for everyone. If you do post pictures make sure to post a title in the comment. Go Devils.