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26 True Things for December 26th

I hadn't written an article yet at 1pm of Christmas Day so I just found things that are true about this team and let you guys know about them. Honestly, some of these things aren't about this team. Some aren't even true. There are no rules for this article.

Get it? Cuz he's #26...
Get it? Cuz he's #26...
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, Merry Christmas from the past. This article is being written on Christmas Day and I have to get back to celebrating with my family so I'm just gonna tell you guys some things that are true and you can use them as you choose. Some are interesting, some are funny, some are just true statements. Enjoy

List of 26 True Things for December 26th

  1. #Cornerstones: Andy Greene, Marek Zidlicky and Stephen Gionta are the only players to have played all 36 games for us

  2. #Bully: Tuomo Ruutu leads the Devils in hits by 30 with 76 hits (51st in the NHL). Jordin Tootoo has 15 hits per 60 minutes, however which beats Ruutu's 11.

  3. #Pincushion Andy Greene has gotten beaten up, leading the Devils with 65 hits taken. He has also blocked 86 shots which is almost 50 more than the 2nd highest Devil and is 3rd in the NHL behind only Kris Russel and Brooks Orpik

  4. #ILWTStaff I finally met some of the ILWT writers in person at the Hurricanes game and this is what I can tell you about them: John's hatred for Michael Ryder is real. Alex Potts never stops moving. And I thought Gerard was Josh Gad.

  5. #IDKY I don't like Mike Sislo. He's just painfully boring.

  6. #TrooLove I've always loved Stephen Gionta. He's living proof that you don't need to have innate talent in order to be a professional athlete. Hard work, smart play, and scrappy effort will get you all you need.

  7. #LouisCK People from Phoenix are Phoenicians. Hockey fans from Arizona are just depressed though. 

  8. #SoNotFair Patrick Elias has the 3rd lowest PDO in the NHL at 92.8 through Christmas. Last year's PDO floor was about 92 so it stands to reason we should expect a 100 PDO from here out for Patty.

  9. #SameThing Adam Henrique has the same Shooting Percentage as Tyler Seguin

  10. #ROY At 23:01 minutes per game, Damon Severson leads all rookies and with 2.4 point shares, Severson is 3rd among rookies behind only Ekblad and Lehtera. Although they don't include Filip Forsberg since he registered stats last year. He'd be the best otherwise pretty much for sure.

  11. #HungOut Cory Schneider is ranked 51st of 58 qualified goalies in Even Strength Goal Support per 60 minutes.

  12. #Solid Keith Kinkaid has saved 55 of 55 "Low-Danger" shots.

  13. #WishList At the 'Canes game, the Devils were asked what they would give teammates as a gift for Christmas. My personal favorite was Gomez saying he would get Jordin Tootoo a personality. The whole thing was pretty good though.

  14. #FathersTime There are only two players 40 or older that have registered a point share this year. Jaromir Jagr and Sergei Gonchar have the same amount (1.3). 

  15. #JustAThought I always thought Fenwick sounded more like a NASCAR driver than a hockey statistic

  16. #WellTheresYourProblem The wikipedia image of the Jersey Devil looks like a goathead on the body of an anemic T-Rex with batwings and horseshoes. He DOES have a forked tail though #intimidating.

  17. #Followup I just got a really great secondary mascot idea. 

  18. #LeagueLeaders The Devils lead the NHL in number of guys named "Mike" on the team with 3. Montreal, Nashville, Washington, and Philly are in a 4-way tie for 2nd. 

  19. #Irony It's turned out that researching this random facts has actually taken longer than just writing a normal article would have. 

  20. #TimeTravel The NHL standings this time last year vs the NHL standings now. Devils were 15-16-7 this time last year and resting 1 point out of a playoff spot. We are now 9 points out. Andy Greene also had a nice article on at that time.

  21. #NotSoFunFact The C in CJ stands for Christopher...You now know slightly more about me than one other ILWT writer.

  22. #InAllFairness The Devils suck but we've had a lot of injuries. Shout out to @LW3H for the following tweet showing the Devils are 3rd in CHIP (cap hit of injured players) excluding retirees:

  23. #GoodNews The Devils are only 4th from the bottom of the NHL in faceoff percentage #win.

  24. #BetterNews I got a magic wand for Xmas.

  25. #BadNews My first try at the expelliarmus spell fell a bit flat.

  26. #OutofIdeas Sorry

Your Thoughts

Say what you want. If it's about the article then great. If not, I understand. Happy Belated guys, I'll see ya on January 2nd because I am only given the days immediately after important ones to write on.