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New Jersey Devils at Montreal Canadiens: Preseason Gamethread #4

The New Jersey Devils head up to Quebec to take on the Montreal Canadiens for the first of a back-to-back set in this preseason. Talk about the game as it happens here as best as we can figure out what's happening.

It's the first back-to-back set of the season. It's also the only one in preseason. The Devils are in Montreal tonight.

The Time: 7:30 PM EDT

The Broadcast: TV - RDS - and that's apparently it, unfortunately. I hope you're up on your French or don't mind watching the game on mute.

A quick word about tonight's broadcast. For legal reasons, we cannot promote or condone the sharing of illegal streams. We also won't be asking about them either. Still, you may want to hang over at Habs Eyes on the Prize for live commentary from people who actually get the channel.

UPDATE: TSN does have a radio stream in English right here.

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils at the Montreal Canadiens (SBN Blog: Habs Eyes on the Prize)

The Previews: Jerry did a preview for this game earlier this morning right here. For the opposition's side,Ian Murray has this preview over at Habs Eyes on the Prize.

Gamenight Info: The Montreal Canadiens' official website helpfully released their lineup for tonight's game. It's rather close to a full strength lineup. Michael Bournival is the only one of the bunch I don't recognize and apparently he's been scoring throughout Montreal's preseason. As for the Devils, those who didn't make the trip to Montreal either practiced here or are nursing an injury. Tom Gulitti, who is not in Montreal for this game, reported at Fire & Ice who logically would be available for tonight's game in this post. Martin Brodeur is starting and it may not go so well as only three veteran defensemen made the trip and neither Patrik Elias or Travis Zajac traveled either. I'm pretty sure who didn't go but practiced will play in Philly tomorrow.

A Song for Tonight: "The Unknown Knows" as per Voivod. Fitting, I suppose.

The Reminder of Rules: This is a place where you can comment about this game before, during, and after it's played before the recap is up. This is a place where we primarily discuss the Devils game. An odd mention of other NHL games is OK, but it shouldn't dominate discussion. All comments will be clean, respectful of each other, relevant to the game, and legal (read: no illegal streams, don't ask for/tell about one). Please refrain large pictures and .gifs as well so the thread doesn't get too bogged down.

Somehow, someway, there will be a recap after the game. Go Devils!