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A Note for the New Owners of the Devils

Now that the sale of the Devils is final, there are a few things the new owners need to know.

Andy Marlin

Dear Josh Harris and David Blitzer,

Congratulations on your purchase of The New Jersey Devils. I heard you paid around $320 Million to own what many believe is the best franchise in the NHL. While it may not be as iconic as the Canadiens or the Red Wings, the Devils are an established franchise. Sure, there were days in which Wayne Gretzky called the Devils a "mickey mouse organization". However, since 1995, the Devils have won three Stanley Cups and arrive at the Finals two times on top of their Cup wins. The Devils have been one o the most consistent teams and I think you realized that when you decided to purchase the team. However, there are a few things you need to leave alone and a few thing that need to change.

First and most important. Please do not hinder Lou Lamoriello. The Devils are the organization they are today because of Lou. If Lou is talking with you about a move you do not think is for the good of the team, just remember that he earned his white hairs. By this statement I do not mean that you should not challenge his opinion, you definitely should, just know that he should have final say on all hockey operations.

The first point is really the most important, but there is one other thing I would keep the same... keep up the Devils' marketing/PR efforts, they do a great job promoting the team outside of New Jersey. That is great for the team as they gain more national coverage and grow their fan base. I mean, the Devils Army did get Marty on the cover of NHL '14!

As for the changes, there are a few things that should change from previous ownership. One of those things would be financial consistency. Over the last few years, there has been rumors and reports of the Devils being in financial trouble. While some turned out true, others were proven wrong and the debt the Devils had ultimately led to false report saying the Devils would become the next NHL owned franchise. Obviously, since Forbes has you dialed in at $2.1 billion in net worth, you should be able to provide a solid financial backing for the team. I know all the Devils fans appreciate the solid financial footing the team is now on.

Another change that I think you should try is the ticket strategy the Predators are using to keep Blackhawks fans out of their arena. Except, you should try it with the Rangers, obviously.

Lastly, please do not wear those #13 jerseys that Gary Bettman presented both of you. Frame those or whatever you'd like to do with them as memorabilia. Please go purchase a real jersey, with a real player's name and number. There's plenty of great Devils number to choose from, but I'd suggest #30.