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NJ Devils Scoring Chances: Weekly Post: Part 11

Going through the entire 2013 season and coming up with the scoring chances. Today we look at a home game from 2.7 vs the Tampa Bay Lightning

Andy Greene, February goal scoring machine
Andy Greene, February goal scoring machine
Jim McIsaac

Welcome back, once again, to your scoring chance roundup. This week we will be looking at an early season game from February 7th. Before we get started, if you would like a refresher on Scoring Chances, here is a link to my introductory post which reviews the definition of a scoring chance.

If anyone would like to quickly get re-acquainted with this game, here are the highlights:

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Once again I had the pleasure of re-watching a very good Devils performance. They pretty much controlled the game against Tampa Bay throughout. The scoring chances came out in the Devils favor, with a big advantage coming on the power play, specifically the 5v3 power play during the third period. This time, the Devils were the beneficiaries of an extended 5v3 advantage late in the third, and they scored twice to ice the game. They also put up a quick 4 scoring chances during that stretch,

Overall, the Devils held a 15-11 advantage in chances. The chances came out 9-9 at even strength for the game, but the Devils controlled possession and shots. They played with a lead for the majority of the game, and didn't really press to create many dangerous chances, because Tampa Bay wasn't really able to muster much attack.

Anton Volchenkov was on the ice for a season's worth of offense in this one.

Here are the lines the Devils used to start this game:








Here are your scoring chance charts:


Devils_chances_2 it!