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A Short 2013 NHL Draft Preview for the New Jersey Devils

The 2013 NHL Draft is tomorrow, from 3 to 10 PM at the Prudential Center. This is a short preview of the event, noting what picks the Devils have, what they need, and what's next.

Could the Devils draft Hunter Shinkaruk in the first round? Maybe!
Could the Devils draft Hunter Shinkaruk in the first round? Maybe!
Rich Schultz

It's been a while since I've used this format. Let's use it again.

The Time: 3 PM EST - 10 PM EST, June 30, 2013

The Place: The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey also known as The Rock

The Broadcast: NBC Sports Network will start things off at 3 PM EST, as will TSN. NBCSN will have a live stream of it here. The NHL Network will continue from NBCSN at 8 PM EST so be prepared to switch if you're watching the whole thing. The NHL Network will have both a draft preview show at 1 PM EST and a post-draft show at 10:30 PM EST.

The Pre-Draft Events at/in the Rock: New Jersey Stronger than the Storm is hosting a draft party outside of the Rock from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM EST. There will be the B Street Band, food, drinks, a ferris wheel, and at least a pile of sand. STHs and their guests can enter the Rock at 12:30, the general public can enter at 1 PM, and inside will be various trophies to take pictures with as well as the 2013 NHL Draft Trading Card & Memorabilia Show.

The Picks: The New Jersey Devils currently have four picks in this draft: 9th overall, 39th overall, 100th overall, and 160th overall. That's a first, a second, a fourth, and a sixth round pick, respectively.

The Need: Offensive forwards. The Devils' prospect pool doesn't have many offensive forwards. They should add some at the Draft, preferably with their first round and second round picks.

The Quick Opinion: In the SBN Mock Draft, we chose Hunter Shinkaruk. In asking you, the readers, those who provided lists put Shinkaruk at #9 more than anyone else, though the final tally of votes slotted defenseman Risto Ristolainen at ninth overall. With respect to the first round, Get thrilled if Lindholm, Nichushkin, or Monahan drop to #9. Be a little down if the Devils do pick a defenseman. Get mad if they select a goalie early. Beyond the 9th pick, there should be plenty of offensive talent for the 39th pick and after that, the Devils will likely go best player available.

The Information: We at ILWT did a lot of prospect profiles for the draft from the top tier all the way down to an unranked-by-CSS Tyler Kelleher. You can find all of them in this hub along with some other prospect-related posts. I'd like to thank Karen, Mike, and Matt for their time and contributions in making all of these. Should you want a mock draft, then visit the NHL mock draft database at the DC Pro Sports Report and peruse the many, many entries available. will track all picks as well.

The Plan: Tomorrow, there will be an open thread for the draft. The stream will be updated to provide posts on the four Devils picks. I will do what I can to get them up as I will be at the draft. On Monday, there will be a recap with no draft grades because that's really silly to do given that these guys just got drafted and we have no idea what they'll actually become. From then on, the next important date is July 5, the first date UFAs can sign with other teams.

Please leave your pre-draft expectations, hopes, warnings, pleas, and thoughts in the comments. Tomorrow, a crazy week will begin.