Briere to the Devils?


This was retweeted by TG a couple minutes ago; "Odds on Danny Briere's next team, according to Bovada: Devils 3-to-2, Senators 5/2, Canadiens 9/2, Sabres and Coyotes 5/1." I know Bovada is just a gambling site, but they do usually have some shred of truth to their odds. Briere probably doesn't want to move far with his kids and the Devils could use more scoring. For the right price, I'd be okay with the deal. Seeing as Kunitz, after a fantastic year, only got around 3.75 per, I'd say anywhere up to 3.5 for, at the absolute max, 3 years would be okay. He'd be 38 at the end of that deal and I think he can remain productive through that. What say you?