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Max Domi: 2013 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

This profile looks at Max Domi - a great player with an interesting story coming into the 2013 Draft. While he is expected to go earlier than the Devils' 2nd round pick, he is a player worth looking into.

Richard Wolowicz

Max Domi has gained a lot of attention following the Memorial Cup this May. While many hockey fans already recognize the last name due to his father Tie Domi, Max is set on making an entirely different name for himself in the NHL. Though his stock has recently risen, he is ranked as the 19th North American skater so today's profile will take a look at what Max has to offer as a player and whether or not he would be a good fit for the Devils with their second round pick - 39th overall.

Who is Max Domi?

Max Domi is a Toronto native coming in at 5'9" and 185 lbs. As a center for the London Knights, Domi produced 39 points and 48 assists during the 2012-2013 season. While scoring 87 points in 64 games is impressive on its own, Domi did all of that while coping with Type 1 diabetes. It would be easy for him to use the disease as an excuse, but he refuses to look at it as a problem. Instead, he tries to make himself a better person and player. He plays with an insulin pump attached to his hip while his glucose levels are measured on the bench. He also has to refuel between periods to make sure his glucose count is okay.

Former Philadelphia Flyer Bobby Clarke is an inspiration to him as he played 15 seasons in the NHL with Type 1 diabetes. He told,

"On the ice, it makes you more responsible and I have to take care of my body a lot more. For me, it's for the better, and it helps me out a lot."

With the way Domi plays, you would never guess he has diabetes. He has a gritty style to his game and an incredible work ethic. In those ways, he plays much like his father, Tie who is third in NHL history with 3,515 penalty minutes. What separates him from his dad is his high level of skill and natural talent. Knights coach Dale Hunter has carefully compared him to Sidney Crosby,

"He has extensive offensive skills and his skating ability is -- and I hate to say it -- [Sidney] Crosby-esque. You never want to compare [a player] to someone like that, but he has a very strong lower torso, so his center of gravity is amazing."

While that is quite the name to live up to, Domi has had the opportunity to train with Crosby during the offseason and tries to emulate his work ethic and determination. Domi compares his game to that of Zach Parise, a name known well by Devils fans.

One of Domi's main strengths is his skating ability. He is fast and feisty on the ice with great stops and starts. He reaches his top speed quickly, too. Along with his strong skating, he is also a great playmaker and doesn't back down from opponents- often drawing penalties. He is a great forward and can be found in front of the net or fighting for the puck in the dirty areas. While his offensive game is wonderful, he does need to work on his defensive play. The Knights have sometimes given up scoring chances due to Domi cheating out in hopes of an offensive opportunity. He is also guilty of trying to be too fancy with the puck at times.

An interesting side note about Domi - he gives a lot of credit to YouTube for the skills he has learned growing up,

"We've kind of grown up in the whole YouTube generation, so you can watch guys like Pavel Datsyuk or Patrick Kane or Joe Sakic - the list goes on - for skill."

What experts are saying about Max Domi:

London Knights coach Dale Hunter is a big Max Domi fan. Here is a quote from him about Domi's entertainment value,

"He's a dynamic player," said Hunter. "He brings something that entertains people. We always talk about the goals and the assists but he's an entertainment value that the London fans really appreciate, how he plays with so much energy and so much skill."

Hunter isn't the only coach who appreciates Domi's skill, either. He received second place for best playmaker and best stickhandler in the 2013 OHL Western Conference coaches' poll.

Chris Edwards of NHL Central Scouting said,

"He's been steady all season. He's been improving on the top line while receiving more attention from opponents. He competes hard every game and battles in traffic. He has a toughness about him that is appreciated by everyone."

David Gregory of Central Scouting had a similar opinion,

"He's still putting up points when he has a top checker on him and he competes every time he's out there. People may question his size, but Max is the type of guy who will keep answering those questions every time with his play on the ice."

While Domi is ranked as a second round talent, Mark Seidel, the NHL Scouting Bureau North American chief scout says he will go earlier, and deservedly so,

"He'll be long gone before that. He's a special offensive guy. There's a bit of a bias because of Tie and some people don't like Tie, but he's a pretty special kid from what I understand.

He's one of those guys where every shift he does something to make you notice him.

He's very, very strong on the puck. He has a strong core. He's just dynamic and hard to handle. I've said all year, right from the outset, he's got a lot of Pat Kane in him."


This play made hockey headlines everywhere. Domi makes an incredible between-the-legs pass leading to a goal.

Here is a look at Domi's game from Mike Morreale from,

Here is some more information on Domi from,

My Opinion:

When I was putting various lists together in preparation for these draft profiles, I could not get stop reading about Max Domi. His determination and skill fascinates me and while I don't think he will still be available when the Devils pick in the second round, I would love to see him in a Devils uniform. While he is on the smaller side, he doesn't let it become a weakness. He has a style of play that Devils fans would appreciate, but with his successful sophomore season in the OHL and highlight worthy performance in the Memorial Cup, Domi will most likely go before the 39th pick.

Your Take:

What are your thoughts on Max Domi? Do you think he may fall to the 39th overall pick? If so, do you think the Devils should take him? What are your favorite and least favorite aspects to his game? Feel free to answer these questions and discuss your thoughts on Max Domi in the comments section below. As always, thanks for reading!