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NJ Devils Scoring Chances: Weekly Post: Part 9

Detailing the game by game Devils scoring chance results for a group of games, as we work towards completing a catalog all of the games in the 2013 season. This week, we will cover the Devils at the Flyers 4.18.13

B celebrates with C who is waiting to also recieve congrats from GB
B celebrates with C who is waiting to also recieve congrats from GB

This week will be another shorter post with just one game reviewed once again. This time, it will be happy memories, however. Beating the Flyers has not become any less fun just because it seems to happen all the time recently. Desperately in need of a win to keep their fast diminishing playoff hopes alive, the Devils needed a win against their second rate rivals to keep any hope alive, and they got one. The final score was 3-0, and the Devils were dominant in the scoring chances too.

If you would like a refresher on Scoring Chances, here is a link to my introductory post which reviews the definition of a scoring chance.

I'm going to start including the highlights of these games from now on so anyone who would like to get re-acquainted with the particular game in question can quickly do so.

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Here are the scoring chance charts for the game:



Thank you, as always, for reading this week's uncharacteristically short post