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2013 NHL Draft Lottery: Avs Picking #1, Devils at #9 - Who's in Your Top Ten for 2013?

At 8 PM EDT, the 2013 NHL Draft lottery took place and the New Jersey Devils will pick ninth in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft as the Avalanche won the lottery. This is an open post for fans to discuss the lottery and name their top 10 prospects for a future post.

Adam Larsson was the last Devils pick in the top ten, as the team won the lottery and moved up to #4.  The Devils didn't win the lottery but will pick 9th.
Adam Larsson was the last Devils pick in the top ten, as the team won the lottery and moved up to #4. The Devils didn't win the lottery but will pick 9th.
Bruce Bennett

We now know the New Jersey Devils finished with the ninth worst record in the 2013 regular season. Tonight, they will participate in their second draft lottery in three seasons. The lottery itself will be televised on NBC Sports Network in the U.S. and TSN in Canada at 8 PM EDT. They won their last appearance in 2011, which moved them up from eighth to fourth overall in the first round, where they selected defenseman Adam Larsson. This year, winning the lottery will give any team regardless of position first overall pick.

New Jersey's chances at winning the lottery are at 2.7% this year. I wouldn't bet on the Devils having great and difficult decision to decide between defenseman Seth Jones, left wing Jonathan Drouin, and center Nathan MacKinnon. If Dallas (2.1%), Philadelphia (1.5% - P.S. thanks for winning your last game, Flyers), Phoenix (1.1%), Winnipeg (0.8%) and Columbus (0.5%) win, then the Devils will be picking tenth. Therefore, the most likely scenario is that the Devils will be picking ninth this year. To the surprise of nobody, they will keep their first round pick this year.

Therefore, in addition to this being an open post to discuss the lottery, I want to know your top ten prospects as of right now. Almost two years ago to the day, I asked for your top five to get a sense of how you all rated the draft class. Since the Devils are currently ensured of picking in the top ten, let's do that this year. Please list them in a readable order in the comments by Friday afternoon. On Saturday, I'll tally them up for a quick summary. It'll be interesting to see how you all rate the players beyond Jones - assuming you all think he's the consensus #1 prospect.

Additionally, if you have any late round prospects that are rated by CSS that you would be somewhat interested in seeing a profile for, then now's a good time to bring them up. We'll have plenty for the first round - even some defensemen! - and they'll begin on Thursday. Picking late in a draft is akin to throwing darts in the dark but any ideas will be read and maybe even possibly used.

Other than that, use the comments to discuss the lottery, speculate on the draft, give me your top ten prospects, or whatever else for the Devils offseason. Keep it Devils and follow the rules as usual.

UPDATE: The Colorado Avalanche won the 2013 NHL Entry Draft lottery. Congratulations to the Avs. The Devils will be picking ninth in the first round, 39th in the second round, 100th in the fourth round, and 160th in the sixth round. The third round pick belongs to Minnesota due to the Marek Zidlicky trade, the fifth round pick belongs to Buffalo since NJ gave it to LA for Andrei Loktionov and it ended up with the Sabres after two additional trades, and the seventh round pick belongs to Winnipeg because of the Alexei Ponikarovsky trade.

Either way, please give me your top ten prospects in the comments. I'll use them for a post later this Saturday in an attempt to get a later consensus from you, the Devils fan.