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New Jersey Devils vs. Montreal Canadiens: Gamethread #29

The New Jersey Devils will honor Jacques Caron tonight before they play the Montreal Canadiens. This gamethread is a place where users can discuss the game before, during, and after the game.

The Time: 7:00 PM EDT

The Broadcast: TV: MSG, CBC, RDS; Radio: 660 AM, 101.9 WFAN FM

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils (13-9-6) vs. the Montreal Canadiens (18-5-4)

The Game Previews: Kevin took care of the preview for tonight's game. Check that out if you haven't yet.

The Song for Tonight: It's time for some easycore. I think New Found Glory came up with that term, but I'm not sure. Anyway, easycore is basically pop punk (e.g. clean signing, hooks) with enough hardcore elements (e.g. breakdowns, gang vocals) to give it that edge. Something for both the young girls and guys to get into. It's had a revival in recent years and one of the newer bands to really get it right is Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (Yes, it's a Goonies reference.) This is "In Friends We Trust" from their 2010 album Something for Nothing.

Gamenight Info: For those attending tonight's game: please be in your seats at 7 PM for the pregame ceremony for Jacques Caron. Montreal will debut a new defenseman tonight. Jarred Tinordi has been called up from Hamilton, as reported by Brenda Brandswell at the Montreal Gazette on Friday. He's big, plays like a defensive defenseman, and likely to start alongside Francis Bouillon per her report. Additionally, Michael Ryder did not make the trip to New Jersey with the dreaded lower body injury; Mike Blunden was called up, presumably as his replacement.

The Reminder of Rules: This is a place where you can comment about this game before, during, and after it's played before the recap is up. This is a place where we primarily discuss the Devils game. An odd mention of other NHL games is OK, but it shouldn't dominate discussion. All comments will be clean, respectful of each other, relevant to the game, and legal (read: no streams). Please do not post super-big pictures or .GIFs so the gamethread can keep moving for everyone. If you must use pictures, please put a title in the comment.

I'll be in my usual seat in Section 1 & Row 16 with a potentially questionable voice. Therefore, my commentary here and through @InLouWeTrust will be sparse. All the same, let's go Devils.