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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode #104

On this week's episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast, David Sarch, John Fischer, Dan Pennucci, and Kristin Tullo all discuss the Devils' continued struggles in games, in general, and why the upcoming NHL re-alignment is terrible.

It was a busy week for the New Jersey Devils and the slump continued with only win earned among the four. At least they got the one. The continued struggles and failures made this week's episode of Talking Red good for talking things out. At least, it did for David Sarch. I'm back on this one and joining me and David are Dan Pennucci of Talking Red & Rotowire and Kristin Tullo of The Hockey Guys. Four games, three losses, one win, poor play/results from all three positions, a few questions, re-alignment, and the remote possibility of the Devils playing outside of an arena or North America all comprise a jam packed episode recorded before Sunday's game against Winnipeg.

I'd like to thank David for having me on the show. As usual, there are several ways to listen to this week's episode of Talking Red. You can get it directly at the TR website right here. You can get it through iTunes or Stitcher. You can even stay right here and listen to a stream of the episode. This week's episode is 59:46 long and 27.36 MB large.

Please leave any comments, questions, and suggestions either in the comments to this post, at the TR website (and now you can leave a voicemail message!), or tweet them to @TalkingRed. Thank you for listening.