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Gamethread #9: New Jersey Devils vs New York Rangers

This is the ninth gamethread of the New Jersey Devils 2013 season, in which the Devils are visited by the Rangers. Users can discuss the game as it happens here.

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcast Info: TV- MSG+2 (MSG if you want your earballs to bleed from listening to the Nickelback of Play-by-play announcers), Radio- WFAN 660 AM

The Matchup: New Jersey Devils (4-1-3) vs the New York Rangers (4-4-0)

Game Previews: John has his preview up here, while Bryan Winters wrote a preview over at Blueshirt Banter.

Gameday Information: The Devils will use the same lineup they used on Sunday, except with Martin Brodeur in net. The Rangers will have some lineup changes of their own- the newly acquired Darroll Powe will be in for the Rangers, while Chris Kreider will most likely return for the Rangers, meaning that if you have the Rangers feed, prepare to hear about how Chris Krieder could beat up the Justice League with his hands tied behind his back or something equally outrageous.

A Song For Tonight: Today's song comes from a popular cartoon (No, not that popular cartoon. Or that one) which involves a fictional metal band. Because we haven't heard enough about stuff on TV I watch. Today's song is Hatredcopter by Dethklok

Again, just remember the rules. No swearing, no personal attacks (this is pretty important seeing as it is a rivalry game), no discussion of illegal streams and try and limit off-topic discussion to a minimum. -Please title your pictures and .gifs so that people can minimize them if they're too large (or slowing down the gamethread).

I'll be providing commentary here while John will be tweeting live from the rock from@inlouwetrust.

Go Devils.