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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode #100 - Looking Back & Forward

It's the 100th episode of the New Jersey Devils podcast Talking Red! For this milestone episode, David Sarch, Tom Stivali, and John Fischer talk about the Devils' last three wins, what the team still needs, and the show itself.

It's the one hundredth episode of Talking Red, a New Jersey Devils podcast. It's come a long way from David Sarch picking me up from the train station in Newark and recording it live in a basement. We've had interviews, specials, and three-ish seasons of Devils hockey to talk about. For this milestone episode, David, myself, and former ILWT writer Tom Stivali got together to discuss the Devils' win over Our Hated Rivals, the win over the Lightning, the most recent win over the Penguins, how much Stefan Matteau may play, what the team still needs, what the Devils could move to meet those needs, and about this show itself.

I'd like to thank David for having me on again, both from the very beginning and through to this week's episode. The usual methods apply in getting this episode. You can get it directly here from the Talking Red website. You can also get it on iTunes and Stitcher. You can even stay right here and listen to a stream of it. For the 100th episode, it's a bit bigger than usual at 24.58 MB large and 1:03:43 long.

Please leave any comments, questions, and suggestions either in the comments to this post, at the TR website, or tweet them to @TalkingRed. Thank you for listening to this and all of the prior 99 episodes.