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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode #140

Everything must go! It's a new week for the New Jersey Devils and so for 200% off the normal price of nothing, David Sarch and John Fischer discuss Andy Greene, goalies, a split of results from last week and more in this episode of Talking Red.

This week's episode of Talking Red, a New Jersey Devils podcast, is on sale for Cyber Monday.  All Talking Reds are 100 to 200% off from their normal retail price.  You may not be able to use the savings for some new Shaq Attaq Brick City sneakers but you will be able to hear David Sarch and me talk about the week that was for the Devils. We talk about all four games. We discuss whether Andy Greene should get consideration from USA Hockey for the Winter Games in Sochi.  We go over the goaltender usage of Cory Schneider and Martin Brodeur.  We marvel at Jaromir Jagr yet again. We had a lot to say and we'd like you to hear it.

Thanks again to David Sarch for having me on this week.  Phantom sales or otherwise, the methods to listen to Talking Red have not changed.  You can get the show directly at the TR website. You can go to iTunes or Stitcher and find the show there. You can even stay here and listen to a stream of it. Whichever way you choose, this week's show is 55:09 long and 12.62 MB large.

Please leave any comments, questions, and suggestions about this week's show in the comments here, at the TR website, by email to TalkingRed at gmail dot com, or tweet them to @TalkingRed.  Thank you for listening.