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Carolina Hurricanes at New Jersey Devils: Zone Exits and Passing Stats

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In what was another effective passing game and zone exit success, the Devils found themselves trying to climb out of yet another hole. At a time when some Devils are on the bubble of the lineup, let's take a look at who we might see again on Friday.

Passing Stats


Dainius Zubrus, Travis Zajac, and Jaromir Jagr continued to dominate, combining to generate 14 shot attempts and going 34/42 in the offensive zone as a line. Jagr was a little off in each zone, and his SAG numbers have dropped a bit recently, but the line as a whole continues to put up impressive numbers each game, no matter the competition.

Mattias Tedenby played a decent passing game, generating 3 shot attempts and completing 9/11 overall. Jacob Josefson was less effective, going 7/10 overall with 0 SAG. He was more effective in the zone exit phase of the game tonight. Adam Henrique only completed 12/18 passes tonight, with most of his misses coming in the offensive zone. Once again, however, he was the most active in the defensive zone. He generated 1 shot attempt.

Ryan Carter had another effective game, going 12/14 in all three zones and generating 3 shot attempts. Also doing well? Andrei Loktionov finished with 2 SAG and going 13/17 overall. Patrik Elias looked closer to his old self, generating 6 shot attempts.

The totals for all stats tonight are close to season highs, or exceeding averages considerably. This is partly due to the limited special teams play as these stats are only 5-on-5.


Jon Merrill actually attempted the most passes in the defensive zone (20). Each defenseman had at least 12 attempts and as a group they were 18 over their season average, indicating they spent significantly more time in their own zone than normal. The accuracy wasn’t bad, but the volume was much higher than previous games. Collectively, the group did very well in the offensive zone as they contributed 16 SAG, nearly 10 marks higher than their season average. A very busy game in both ends.

Peter Harrold and Marek Zidlicky misfired a bit in the offensive zone, but it’s a good sign of how active the group was as no defenseman attempted fewer than 4 passes in the Carolina zone. Andy Greene had the best night as he completed each pass he attempted. Mark Fayne and Harrold led the way with 9 combined SAG. Eric Gelinas and Jon Merrill combined for 5.

Game_25_devils_canes_passingPassing Data Explained:

Pass: A reasonable and deliberate attempt to get the puck to a teammate which maintains possession or results in a shot attempt. This excludes zone clears, dump-ins, and anything that is akin to a desperate swipe at a loose puck. If a player passes a puck into space or off the boards, it finds a teammate, and it appears it was done deliberately, that shall be a pass. When in doubt, common sense will prevail.

What you see above is a chart illustrating pass completions, pass attempts, and pass percentages for each player in all three zones. A pass that goes across a zone or two will be marked as occurring in the zone it originates from.

Each completed pass that results in a shot taken by a teammate counts as one “shot attempt generated” or “SAG” in the chart below. This is tracked to attempt to determine which teammates are better at generating opportunities to shoot.

Zone Exit Stats:


Jacob Josefson had a stellar night, exiting with possession 71.4% of the time and he was successful on each attempt overall. Ryan Carter had a solid game, finishing at 83% overall and with possession. Jaromir Jagr bossed it in the defensive zone, successful on all 8 attempts and a 75 PE%. Adam Henrique, Dainius Zubrus, and Mattias Tedenby each finished at 50 PE%.

The few negatives on the night? Michael Ryder (20 PE%), Andrei Loktionov (33 PE%), Steve Bernier (33 PE%), and Patrik Elias (40 PE%).


Another game of tracking zone exits, another game of seeing up close and personal the inefficiencies of Peter Harrold. Harrold had a 31 PE%, a 50 OS%, and 8 turnovers. 8. That’s easily a season high for anyone. Think about it this way: Adam Larsson, in his 20 games played, has 25 turnovers. Harrold had 8 in one game. Harrold is consistently the worst on the blue line by far at these metrics. If Deboer keeps him in the lineup once the Devils are healthy on the back end, my head might explode.

Mark Fayne had an okay game, committing 2 turnovers and 2 icings. He had some positive moments, but was inconsistent. Marek Zidlicky had a mixed bag: when he had successful exits, all of them were with possession, but when he failed, he either turned the puck over (4 total) or iced it. Classic risk-reward with Zid.

Andy Greene, Eric Gelinas, and Jon Merrill were head and shoulders above their fellow defensemen. Gelinas had a 62.5 PE%, and both Greene and Merrill had a 75 PE%. They only had 4 turnovers between them. Solid performances from those three.

Zone Exits Explained: Any attempt made by a player to advance the puck from their defensive zone. These actions fall into the below categories (as illustrated on the below chart).


Possession Exits:

(P) Pass: When a player passes the puck out of the zone and it successfully finds a teammate.

(C) Carry: When a player skates with the puck out of the zone, maintaining possession.

Successful Zone Exits without Possession:

(FP) Failed Pass: When a player passes the puck out of the zone, but it fails to find its target.

(FC) Failed Carry: When a player skates with the puck out of the zone, but loses possession shortly thereafter.

(CH) Chip: When the player lifts the puck out of the zone or throws it off the boards and out.

(X) Other: Any action that results in a successful zone exit not already covered.

Unsuccessful Zone Exit:

(PT) Pass Turnover: When a player fails to clear the zone with a pass and it results in a turnover to the opposition.

(CT) Carry Turnover: When a player fails to skate out of the zone with the puck and loses possession.

(I) Icing: An attempt to clear results in icing the puck.

(T) Turnover: Any action that results in a turnover not already covered.