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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode #138

This week's Talking Red features David Sarch and John Fischer talking about a win in Rangerstown, a loss to LA, a win against Penguins, chrome logos, scoring in front of Brodeur and not Schneider, and more about the New Jersey Devils.

On the heels of the New Jersey Devils' most successful week of the season, Talking Red features plenty from our favorite team to talk about. David Sarch and myself go over the win in Rangerstown, the lack of finish against Los Angeles, and the rebound win against Pittsburgh. We also talk about if there's anything to the happenstance that the team has scored more goals in front of Martin Brodeur than Cory Schneider. We discuss the logjam in scoring, where seven players are sitting on seven points as of this recording. We even touch on the chromed logo. All this and more in this week's Talking Red.

I'd like to thank David for having me on the show again. The methods for listening to this episode remain the same. You can go get the show directly at the TR website. You can go to iTunes or Stitcher and find the show there. You can even stay here and listen to a stream of it. Whichever way you choose, this week's show is 47:10 long and 10.8 MB large.

Please leave any comments, questions, complaints about David's hashtag title, and suggestions about this week's show in the comments here, at the TR website, by email to TalkingRed at gmail dot com, or tweet them to @TalkingRed. Thank you for listening.