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New Jersey Devils Podcast Talking Red: Episode #137

With a game on Sunday night, Monday night brings about a new episode of Talking Red. David Sarch and John Fischer talk about the good week the Devils had, the tough road ahead, Cam Janssen, and so much more.

Sunday games mean Monday podcasts.  In this case, it's a New Jersey Devils podcast called Talking Red. David Sarch and I guide you through the past three games in this post Cam-Janssen-scored-a-goal-world.   We talk about the good things, the good performances, the good goals, the shootout shortcomings, the tough road ahead, an article about Damien Brunner, and what Brendan Shanahan was getting way back in the day when St. Louis tampered with him as a restricted free agent.  Plenty to talk about and most of it felt pretty good.

I'd like to thank David for having me on the show this week.  Like last Monday, the methods for listening to this episode remain the same. You can go get the show directly at the TR website. You can go to iTunes or Stitcher and find the show there. You can even stay here and listen to a stream of it. Whichever way you choose, this week's show is 41:39 long and 9.35 MB large

Please leave any comments, questions, complaints about David's hashtag title, and suggestions about this week's show in the comments here, at the TR website, by email to TalkingRed at gmail dot com, or tweet them to @TalkingRed. Thank you for listening.