Zone Exits for Devils vs. Penguins

Hello All,

I'll be tracking zone exits for the upcoming season. This is my first FanPost, so please, if you have any tips on how to make things more readable, I'm all ears.

I'll be doing this for the odd-numbered Devils games this season. I'll also be tracking passing data (another FanPost that will go up tomorrow).

Zone Exit types:

Pass: Simply put, this is when the player listed successfully clears the zone and the pass reaches a teammate.

Failed Pass: This occurs when the player clears the zone, but the pass failed to meet its target.

Pass Turnover: This occurs when the player fails to clear the zone and turns the puck over to the opposition.

Carry, Failed Carry, and Carry Turnover: Same as above.

Chip: When a player throws the puck off the boards or lifts the puck to lift ice.

Icing: Obvious.

Turnover: Anything that doesn't fall under the above categories that results in turning the puck over.

Other: Any other type of zone exit that doesn't fall under the above categories.



This data is going to be published via a separate website as the seasons goes on. Feel free to check it out there as it's all pretty exciting. I wanted to post the Devils stuff here to get your feedback.

What do you think this data will help us illustrate this season? Do you have any questions? Comments? Suggestions? I anticipate this being an organic process and changing throughout the season, so please let me know what's on your mind.

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