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Game #5 Scoring Chances Devils at Bruins

A scoring chance report, broken down by player and situation for Game #5 of the 2013 NHL season. NJ Devils at Boston Bruins.

This is a report on the scoring chances for last night's game. I will be posting these moving forward for all games, as close to completion as possible. I used the same format as David Olesky from Die By the Blade, as I thought it covered everything pretty neatly. Unfortunately, I haven't yet put together a template for the head to head chart David has in his report, which is an excellent chart.

The scoring chances for this game turned out even , 11- 11. The Devils dominated on the power play this evening (5-1), while Boston had more dangerous opportunities at even strength (10-6). This was a much more even game than the Montreal game on Sunday in terms of scoring chances, which should come as no surprise to anyone who watched.

Section 1 - List of Scoring Chances

The name listed under Note is the person who had the scoring chances. P1-P6 are the players on the ice for the Devils at the time of the event. Opp1 - Opp6 are the players on the ice for the Bruins at the time of the event. Strength indicates how many skaters on the ice for each team at the time.

Click on the chart for a closer view


Devils Scoring Chances

Here is a breakdown of all the chances for the Devils in each situation, including time on ice. The first column under each section is time on ice, followed by chances for, and then chances against.

Click on the chart for a closer view.


I hope to soon add a section for head-to-head chances, but as of right now, I don't have it.